Day of first shoot...

When my first model arrived I went and met her and brought her up to the make up studio where I would be carrying out the styling. I  had started to apply the make up when I had phone call to say that my photographer had arrived. I left my model for a few minutes while I went to go and meet Magdelena. Magdelena had gone into the University but didn't know where about's she was so I had to spend the next 5-10 minutes trying to find her which was starting to stress me out as I knew I had a model upstairs waiting to have her makeup finished. When I eventually found Magdelena my friend had arrived to help me. She came with me down to the photography studios while I was talking to Magdelena. I asked her to set up the studio how she wanted whilst I went back upstairs and continued with the model. She turned round and said she did not know how to set up the studio as the one she normally uses is set up for her when she goes in. This really started to worry me as I knew time was limited. Luckily my friend stepped in and said she would help with the setting up of the studio while I went upstairs and continued.... HUGE RELIEF!!

I continued with the make up but my next model had arrived and I wasn't finished on my first so I got my buddy to help take her nail varnish off and repaint them while she was waiting. I felt hugely nervous and starting to get really stressed out as I felt I was being really slow and people were waiting on me, this is a feeling I do not enjoy! I had a phone call from my friend down in the photography studio to say they were ready for me so I said to come up and collect my model to take her down. She came and did so. I felt really bad that I wasn't there to instruct and be down in the studio while they started to shoot but luckily I had filled my friend in on how I wanted the shoot and provided loads of magazine pictures which I wanted done similar. By me bringing the magazine images it showed the photographer exactly what I wanted to create and was a huge help. This is something that I would continue to do in the future.

The second models make up (Meg) was a lot simpler as it was a natural look, the longest part of the make up was applying the silver leaf. It went well though and once I was done I went down to the photography studio with my buddy and Meg. Once I was down there I felt a lot more comfortable as I was able to watch what was happening and be in more control of the shoot.

I did take the makeup I was using down to the studio with me so I could keep touching up the makeup and hair during the shoots, I am so glad I did this as the makeup looked more washed out on camera than I had expected. I allowed the photographer to keep swapping between models so I had plenty of photographs taken and I was able to work on the models constantly. I also stepped in to help the models on positioning as images were not enough to help them. Magdalena was really useful she was able to guide the models into a good position and seemed as though she had it all in control.

Time was going so quickly and my studio time was nearly up. Magdalena assured me that she had enough images of Christie and she would be okay to go back up to the makeup studio and pack up. My buddy decided that she was going to head on home and my other friend said she would take my other model back upstairs and look after her while I continued shooting with Meg. I do not think I would of coped without the help I had for the shoot. There was so much going on that for my first shoot I think I threw myself in at the deep end.

Once we had finished shooting I took Meg back upstairs and provided her with products to take her makeup off. I went back down to speak to my photographer while she was packing up. She said she had plenty of images and thinks she had some strong images from Meg but Christie she felt was a little weak so I would have to see what I thought of the models. She advised me that although I had picked good looking models I needed to be more careful on my selection of models, models that can be confident in front of the camera and do not need much direction. I could see where she was coming from. I really needed to coach Christie through the shoot. Magdelena asked about my project and when it was in for and what I wanted from my images. I was not too sure as I had hardly seen them. She said she would be in contact and left.

The models were okay up in the studio I helped pack up and leave and then went home. I was so tired by the end of the shoot. Some points that I had taken away from the shoot was that I think I would feel more comfortable if I was to apply the makeup down in the photography studios because I would be around to help and step in and guide if needed. I also believe if I was to use two models in the same night I need to allow myself more time as I felt really rushed and under pressure and I think this rubbed off on everyone else. I need to create a more relaxing atmosphere for everyone for future shoots. I think I would do this by playing music so there is no awkward silence as well as allow more time to set up and shoot. From future I would help with the setting up of the photography studio for my photographer.

I feel that my time management could have been a little better for this photoshoot and I need to learn to keep calm as it does not help with the situation. I feel I acted professional and communicated my idea well allowing images which should hopefully turn out well. 

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