written work

What I have found the most difficult about this project is this blog! I have not enjoyed keeping it at all. I have found that it is so easy to slip behind with it and I have often put it off for other parts of the project. I wish I had started the reflective journal as a written document as I would have found it is easier to work this way. I do not need to have the internet, I would not have problems uploading work and the order would not be in a backwards order to read. I have found it difficult to document the work reflectively rather than descriptively and sometimes I have found that I am talking in a chatty language, but because this is the writing style of a blog.

Although I created a Tumblr account to work on I found that this was not needed once I had created my own trend forecasts. I feel that I should have continued to document in this but found that was not finding it useful and did not have the extra time to do it. If I had longer for this project I would like to continue working on the Tumblr and make it into a virtual reference for the consumer.

I have also found it difficult to find a balance between meeting the trend product and calendar outcomes. It would be easy for me to carry out one or the other, but combining them together and finding a balance between both has been challenging. Until I added in the mood boards into my calendar I feel that the trend aspect was lacking some, but when this was added in I feel it really benefited and has resulted in me being able to create a specialist product.

I have found that the written work for this project has been way more difficult than expected. Being reflective and not warbling is something that I feel I still need to perfect.

When writing my evaluation I found that in order to cover everything that I wanted to say it meant that I was way over the word limit. I found that the evaluation was easy to write as I had structured it and made sure that I covered all the guidelines however I found it more difficult to cut out sections once it was written. In order to make sure that the evaluation sounded to the best it could be I got 3 people to proof read it once I felt I had cut down enough. It was still at 2000 words but I felt I was not able to cut it down any further on my own. Once I had made the amendments to what each person said I then went to show my lecturer and see what they thought. They were most helpful as they showed me parts that I no longer needed.

I then went back and amended what my lecturer had said and got it down to the right word count.

I feel that communicating with my lecturers for this project has been a huge help and I have always made sure I attended every possible opportunity. By doing this it has also meant that I have been able to keep on track with the project as I made sure I always had new work to show them.

After adding up the overall budget for this project I am shocked to say that it has totalled £780.37
This is a lot more than what I had expected and planned for. The main aspect that pushed up the price was the cost of models. I realised that in order to have good models I needed to look further afield and pay for their time. 

I feel there is still parts of the project that could be improved. The blog being the main issue. As I have not enjoyed writing it I feel that I have not put my all into it. 

I believe I have met every one of the learning out comes for this project and as I have been working my way through the project I have ensured that I have had this list to refer to. I also believe I have met the proposals aims. 

Evaluate relevance to industry and make informed judgements about their own Major Project

Along every stage of this reflective journal I have tried to link back the relevance of the project to industry. I feel the biggest part where I have reflected upon this is when I have been discussing the trend aspect of the project. Trend forecasting is often used within the fashion industry as it keeps fashion moving forward and keeps consumers interested. 
I also believe I have been very critical and judgemental about my project.  With every image I have critically evaluated what works well and what doesn't, what could be improved and done differently next time, how it links to the trends and mood boards, and its relevance to the consumer and industry. 

Display initiative and show responsibility for independent learning

As I have designed every aspect of this project myself I feel I have been very independent in my learning. I have had to adapt to changes and problems that have occurred but I have managed to find a solution. My biggest learning curve which I have learnt independently is my post production skills. I now feel confident that I could re touch an image myself and not need assistance. I believe this is an ongoing subject but my speed of which I retouch is a lot quicker. I believe I have used my initiative many times during the project. I have seized every opportunity to shoot in the studio with a photographer and I have made full use of the library time to sit and work quietly away from all distractions. 

Uses appropriate materials and production processes relevant to the styling, make up and hair design industry

I have been innovative with using products which I have never used before in creating my designs. For example I constructed a beaded fringe from an array of products and produced a stunning piece which transforms one of my images. I also created a hair piece out wire and hair which is something I am proud to achieve. I have used products which are not normally used on the skin such as paint and gold leaf and created designs which are unique and show my skill. Lastly I have picked up on skills which have been learnt from the demonstration with Alex Box. Without her showing me how to create slick flat eyebrows which can then be erased, I do not think my designs would have looked the same as I used the process in many of my designs. This is something which I will continue to use when working out in industry.

Implement understanding of trends and styling conventions

I feel I have fully demonstrated that I have a thorough and full understanding of trends by the fact I have researched and referenced them on websites such as WGSN and Fashion Snoops, and then gone on to create my own three forecasts. I have also researched in books on how to create a professional trend outcome. I believe they are high standard forecasts that could go on to be used by all different industry's. By creating 15 different beauty shots for this calendar I believe I have showcased a range of different styling conventions. I have tried to vary each image to show something different as well as relating it back to each trend. This has ranged from a perfect lip, to wig application, from creating hair pieces to applying different products on the skin.

Devise innovative and appropriate solutions to a specific styling problem or brief 

As I met many problems with this project along away I have had to find many solutions. With regards to styling I have created hair pieces for the August look as the own hair was not thick enough. I have had to re-shoot several  times in order to get the standard I was after. I have had to adapt on shoots when time has not been on my side or when the models hair has been different to what was expected and I have had to change my design. I have also had to change photographers several times in order to get my images completed and to a high standard. I feel I have created an innovative project which has not been created by anyone else. I wanted to create a product that is not already on the market but still important in peoples lives. 

Employ appropriate materials, techniques and methods in relation to styling as a discipline, with skill and imagination, whilst observing good working practices.

I feel I have been able to showcase my skills in the images I have produced for this project. I have tried to use different products and materials to create new and interesting ideas. I have always ensured that my working practise is kept professional by always ensuring my make up kit is packed the night before to relieve the pressure of stress. I have always ensured that I have clean brushes and am on time and have time to set up. And I have always ensured that when working on a shoot I have a mood board to refer to so I know what I am doing and so does the model and photographer. I have ensured that I took along reference images as well to help show the photographer and model what I want from the shoot. And lastly, I took advice from a lecturer to take my laptop to shoots to ensure that I can see the images straight away and make any amendments to the images if needed. 

Effectively utilise IT systems and software appropriate to the discipline.
Communicate effectively through appropriate visual, verbal and written means in a considered and professional manner.

I believe I have strongly met the 'effectively utilising IT systems and software' as proved in my re edits of images. Although I did not edit all of the images for the calendar I knew what I wanted done and if it was not achieved I would go back and change them myself. I also constructed the entire layout of the calendar myself and made sure it was ready to print. With regards to communicating I feel I have been successful in this by constantly showing lecturers my work for feedback, getting peers to review my work and get different opinions on it in order to improve. I have also made sure that I am always prepared with mood boards and reference images to show the tutors, photographers and models what I want to achieve. By doing this it allows everyone to know what is needed and they can help me create it. I have also ensured that model release forms are completed as I feel this is professional and would be done whilst in industry, so why not do it for this project. I have ensured with all my models that there is good communication. I have always fully briefed them of the shoot before hand and told them what and how to come to the shoot. I have also made sure that I always have a contact number so that if there are any changes that they or i need to be aware of then it can be done. This was useful on several occasions when models have been late or I have had to delay my photographer. 

Overall I am extremely happy and pleased with this project. I have created a piece that I am really proud to show people and have the satisfaction that I designed every aspect of it. I have learnt so much from this project, whether it is make up skills ( the eyebrow technique shown by Alex Box), the IT and post production skills have developed vastly and the confidence that I can do all aspects of a photo shoot. Having problems with other professionals and industry has made me realise that if the situation happened again in the future I would know exactly how to handle it and I would have the confidence to do it. 

I feel I have consistently been professional whether dealing with agencies, models or photographers or creating compelling new trend forecasts. I believe that with the aid of feedback it has improved my overall out come and this has also helped me to keep a efficient time schedule. 

I feel there is so much I can take from this project, the main thing being confidence. Confidence in my own skill, confidence in communicating with other professionals and confidence that I could do something like this again! I have also met so many lovely people and professionals along the journey and I will continue to keep in contact with them and hope to work with them in the future. 

overall outcome

After returning to the printers on Monday evening I picked up the calendar. I also picked up the demo calendar which I had left with them to use as a reference on how to print and bind it. From first glance the calendar looked amazing. Before I was going to commit to them printing all of the calendars I wanted to fully scour the calendar and see whether there were any faults or anything that needed altering. I mentioned that if I was happy I would call up the following morning and ask for them to print the rest. 

After going through the calendar properly there were no faults with the printing and nothing that needed to be changed. The only query I had was that the hole punch was very close to the writing on one of my pages. 

I feel that because I showed my initiative and provided the printers with an calendar similar to the layout I was after they did not have any problems with printing and putting the publication together. 

I phoned them back up the next morning and confirmed that I would like another 10 copies of the calendar printed. I also mentioned about the hole punch being near to my writing and they mentioned that they would move the file up a couple of millimetres to ensure that they would not cut through the writing. I was very impressed with what they had done so far and what they were willing to do. They assured me that the prints would be done by Thursday, which set me back as I could not return to University for another few days, but it meant that I was able to get the prints which I wanted. 

I feel that I dealt with the printers on a professional level and communicated clearly what I wanted. Because of this I feel they have been able to achieve exactly what I was after. 

In the mean time I knew that I needed to be catching up with University work. As my Dad works at Aston University, he took me to work with him and let me work within the University. This way I could catch up with this blog and my other project. 

Friday 27th April:  I have now picked up the rest of the calendars and am extremely impressed with the prints and the service I received. On collection I realised that each calendar had been carefully individually wrapped which was a nice finishing touch. 

Overall I am very happy with the outcome of the calendar. It is what i envisioned and is the right size. I am pleased that I changed the layout and included the moodboards. I am also pleased that I changed the colour of the calendar to grey as it make the calendar look more refined and like there has been more thought put into it. I have realised the economies of scale, the more I ordered the price of the calendar came down. This would be an idea when putting in place in retailers. The more they buy the lower they would be able to price it at for consumers.

I feel that the best parts to my calendar are of course my images, I am pleased with all of them and think that they all fit together and link to its own trend and moodboard. I am also very pleased that I created the mood boards as I was going along. I was not intending on using them in the final outcome but I am pleased that I did as I feel it improves the calendar and makes it into more of a trend product

The only part where I am doubtful is with meeting the learning outcomes. When comparing my project to others, I feel it does not look as impressive. A book or a magazine looks very professional and it has made me doubt the calendar's outcome.

If I was to do anything differently I think I would incorporate more onto the months pages as they are very simple, whether this is a more detailed background or include more images I think it could add to the calendars look.

If I had longer to complete this project I would like to refer back to my tumblr account http://marie-hope.tumblr.com/ and continue to update it. I would put the link on the back of the calendar for consumers to continue their trend hunting and see how the trends created in the calendar can be achieved and branch out into other areas of their lives.

There has been many problems I have faced going through the project, from models dropping out last minute, to being unable to use the fashion dates within the calendar, from the main photographer not wanting to carry out the shoots my way to the printers cancelling on me last minute. Every problem occurred I have been able to resolve and continue with the making of this project. They may have set me back in time but I feel I have grown in confidence as a result. Luckily I feel I have been very organised and planned everything well for this project. There has been exceptions, when I have needed to re shoot an image, but as a whole I feel that the project has ran smoothly.

I feel that one of the biggest successes of this project was the trip to London. Without this trip I feel I would have really struggled with inspiration and ideas when creating my trend forecasts.

I am also very grateful and pleased with all of the feedback I have had from the project. Everyone's input has helped to improve and offer alternative ideas to the outcome of the project and I feel that as the work has been shown along the way this has meant there has not been a massive amount of changes that needed to be carried out at the end. Keeping on top of the project is one thing I am proud of. I feel I have timed every part of the project well and although it has resulted in a new time schedule, it has been effective.

Original Production schedule: 

Week Commencing:
Seek external assistance from a photographer and models. Start to research on the internet and around the city for the trend packages.
Visit another city for more in-depth research and continue with producing ideas and designs for trend package 1. Set up a Tumblr account and upload research. Finalise arrangements with photographer. Continue with searching for models. Book photo studios as well as lighting at the university.
Practise the looks in the studio in preparation for next week. Continue to update Tumblr. Finalise model list. Start designing ideas for trend package 2. Make arrangements to discuss the project with photographer.
Carry out two photo shoots. Continue designing ideas and testing out in the studio
Carry out two photo shoots. Continue designing ideas and testing out in the studio

Carry out two photo shoots. Check studio bookings are okay for next few weeks.
Carry out two photo shoots Continue designing ideas and testing out in the studio
Carry out two photo shoots. Continue designing ideas and testing out in the studio
Carry out two photo shoots
Edit photographs and arrange Inspirational Columns. Allowance for any photo shoots that need to be rescheduled or reshot. Check over with target audience to see whether all the aspects are to their taste and see if there are any amendments that need to be made.
Edit last few elements to the images in preparation to be uploaded to the internet.
Send off the overall images to a calendar publisher. Write up reflective journal.
Contact publishers to check they have received the images and publishing is going to plan.
Aim to receive batch of calendars. Check over to see if all is okay.
Unstructured week. Finalising elements to the project.
Unstructured week. Finish of the reflective writing on the Tumblr and complete evaluation ready for submission.

Actual Production schedule:

Week Commencing:
Set up Tumblr account and started documenting research. Found student photographer who was willing to collaborate.
Met up with photographer 1. Continued researching
Set up Model Mayhem account. Started a blog.
Trip to London. Constructed first trend forecast. Booked photography studio. Found a new photographer to shoot project. Started designing ideas and testing. Found models for January and February look. Testing. Documenting on both Tumblr and blog.
Carried out first photo shoot using two models- Christie and Meg. Continue designing ideas and testing. Continued documenting.

Came up with ideas for second trend forecast. Continued designing ideas and testing. Scouted models for the next shoot. Booked photography studio. Continued documenting.
Carried out photo shoot with Nyane. Reshot January look. Continued designing ideas and testing. Scouted model for next shoot. Booked photography studio. Continued documenting.
Carried out photo shoot with Toni. Continued designing ideas and testing Scouted models for the next shoot. Booked photography studio. Continued documenting.
Carried out photo shoot with Steph and Laura. Reshot January look again. Continued designing ideas and testing. Scouted model for next shoot. Booked photography studio.
Scouted models for shoot this week. Booked photography studio. Carried out two photo shoots. First photo shoot with Elizabeth and Marie. Designed third trend forecast. Continued designing ideas and testing. Second photo shoot with Katie and Elesha. Found another photographer.
Scouted models for last shoot. Carried out photo shoot with Elle and Lydia. Reshot May image.
Edited May image and constructed a design layout. Caught up on documenting.
Finalised design, made any last minute changes and went to printers.
Collected calendars and in the meantime wrote evaluation and 300 word summary.
Caught up on blog, shown written work and made adjustments.
Finished off blog.

The biggest change from my proposal would have to be the layout of the calendar. It has changed massively than what was originally planned. I believe that the test layouts have helped me come up with a strong design and as a result better suited to the high street.  I feel I have now created a product that is desirable to the fashion consumer. I have had feedback from a number of people and they commented that this is a really innovative idea and if they saw a product like this on the high street, that they would be interested in purchasing it. I think that the trend element of the project has really improved and created a unique product. Although the calendar was originally going to feature an inspiration coloumn I think this has still been addressed as it moulded into the use of the mood boards. By it being a trend product as well as a calendar means that the consumer can 'kill two birds with one stone' and as it is for the entire year they do not have to keep on checking up on what is the next trend as they will have the whole year planned for them in advance.  The trends can be interpreted in many different ways so although trends can be created from the forecasts, the consumers will not be clones of one another. It is there to help the consumer with ideas and offer inspiration when creating their own looks.

As there is very little, or nothing like this already on the market the competition is very varied. I would say it has two types of competition, the trend forecasters and the calendar publishers. But as this is a unique product it has no direct competition. I would also say that fashion magazines are a close competition as they offer ideas on how to style yourself as well as informing the consumer on the latest trends. However it is normally monthly and not yearly and does not provide future ideas.

I believe that the trend forecasts which have been created are very similar in style and professionalism to what would be produced in industry. There has been thorough research carried out to back what is being said and also a review of what is happening and been seen about now. I believe that I have learnt a lot from creating these forecasts and would be confident in creating one if I was to work in this type of industry.


After travelling back home, the next day I travelled up to the printers. 
When walking through the door they knew immediately who I was and what I had come into the shop for. I was told by them on the phone to arrive for nine so I was the first lot of printing of the day. 

The woman who I had been speaking to on the phone brought over a print out of the test file which I had sent over and showed it to me. The image was badly lined and discoloured. The woman explained to me that the printer was having problems and that she thought that what I wanted printed out was unachievable. They also informed me that the engineer was not coming out to visit until the Monday and it wasn't guaranteed to be fixed by then. I was hoping to get my prints back by Monday evening so this information totally threw me. I was a little annoyed at the fact she could of told me this over the telephone as I double checked everything was okay to print the day before. As the business was a franchise she advised of another place I could go to instead. 

When arriving at the other printers I walked through the door and instantly saw that they had different, older and smaller looking printers. I explained to the woman the problems that I had had and asked if she would give me a quote. It was nearly twice as expensive as the other place! I couldn't believe it but I knew that I needed to get it done and this is something that I may need to do. I asked if they would be willing to print my calendar and if they would be able to start it today. The woman was very blunt and rude and simply said no. I was a little annoyed at the bluntness and the fact that there seemed to be no printing already going on as none of the printers were in use. 

After explaining that I would eventually need another lot printed she came round to the point of saying yes. I asked her if I could have just a test page printed to check out the quality of their printing. The woman printed out the first page of the calendar and showed me. It had marks and grids all over it, and the grey was dotted with yellow. I was not impressed. When highlighted to the woman, she printed off another, different page. The lines weren't present but the grey was still not solid. The woman put it down to my file having the problems on. I was so annoyed at the fact they were blaming my file. I knew it wasn't as I had had the image printed at University and none of the problems were on the copy. I was not impressed with the printers and left, with the test sheets they printed. 

Luckily I knew of one other printers so i drove there. After speaking to the woman on the desk it became clear they were not interested in helping me. I think I had this problem because I was visiting printers who print for businesses and do batch orders, where as mine was a order of around 10 making them not interested. I asked for a quote at the printers and they said that i would need to email over the details as they were unable to tell me there and then. I asked when they would be able to print for me and they said not till about a week. I needed the calendars before then so I left. 

I was now stumped about what to do next. It was a Friday afternoon and I now had no printers to print my calendar. I scoured the internet for the next hour and phoned up a few companies. Most said they would be unable to print for me in the time slot I needed. On my fourth attempt of ringing a printers I found a company who was willing to do it for me. They were very local and when asked for a quote over the telephone, extremely reasonable. I said to them would I be able to send over a test file for them to print and then I could come down and asses the quality. They said they would. 

An hour later I went down to the printers and they had printed off the test file for me. I had also taken along the other test sheets from the other printers to check that the files were going to be better quality. They were. They also showed me a range of papers and found a more suitable, thicker card. 

The test file which they printed off was far more Magenta than the other files which had been tested. I mentioned this and the worker changed the settings on the computer and printed it out again. It was better but still far too Magenta. As I still had the individual files and InDesign file he opened up the files, adjusted each one and printed again. It was starting to get better but the colours were not right. 

He then told me that he would get in contact with the printer manufacturer and get them to show him how to adjust the printer settings. Once he had done this he would then print out the test file and call me back to see whether it was any better. He gave me the failed test files back and when I left the shop and got back home I realised that the Magenta images did not look half as pink in natural daylight. 

A few hours later I returned to the printers to see that he had fixed the colouring. I commented that the colourings looked totally different in the natural daylight so we took all of the test copy's by the window and realised that the new settings on the computer were in fact too Cyan. He assured me that he now knew how to change the settings and would just go back to printing in the old settings. I confirmed that I was just wanting the one calendar printed for now and then I would then come back and asses whether I want more printed. I was going to get the calendar back on Monday evening which was expected but it now meant that I would have to delay going back to Southampton. 

They gave me a quote as I said I would want 5 printed and they said for the same price they could print 10 so if all goes well I am going to get another 10 printed. 

Research from feedback

Going back to what the lecturers told me to look at I have now gone and researched. 

Notes on Metamodernism was looked at first. 
The website describes itsself as

'Notes on metamodernism is a webzine documenting trends and tendencies across aesthetics and culture that can no longer be understood by a postmodern vernacular but require another idiom - one that we have come to call metamodernism.'

From here I went into the website and read a few articles. As I did not understand what 'Metamodernism' was this was my first port of call.

"What we are witnessing is the emergence of a new cultural dominant – metamodernism.
We understand metamodernism first and foremost as a structure of feeling, which can be defined, after Raymond Williams, as “a particular quality of social experience […] historically distinct from other particular qualities, which gives the sense of a generation or of a period.” [2] Metamodernism therefore is both a heuristic label to come to terms with recent changes in aesthetics and culture and a notion to periodize these changes. So when we speak of metamodernism we do not refer to a particular movement, a specific manifesto or a set of theoretical or stylistic conventions. We do not attempt, in other words, as Charles Jencks would do, to group, categorize and pigeonhole the creative work of this or that architect or artist. [3] We rather attempt to chart, after Jameson, the ‘cultural dominant’ of a specific stage in the development of modernity. [4]"

I now feel I have a much better understanding of what Meta modernism is and feel this research has benefited my trend info. 

It is relevant to my trend as it is talking about the transition between post modern and modernity and how attitudes and things are changing. This is relevant as I speak about how peoples ideas should now change and how the world and Britain are having issues which are causing a rolling ball effect on society. 

I have also gone back to evaluate WGSN and how their trends are constructed and show fashion authority. WGSN is a extremely highly valued trend forecasting website which members have to pay a subscription fee to view. The website informs readers of the latest goings on and what is around the corner. This website is one of the main sources of inspiration behind the project as it so well known and respected especially in the industry. 

I have read through a few of their trend forecasts. 

This is a n example of one they have created for A/W 2013/14 

I believe my trend forecasts are similar to these. I have provided a title, a description, images with key elements which relate and a pantone chart at the bottom, all of which WGSN have done. I like the way they have incorporated the images into the trend forecasts and labelled which colour it is. By doing this it allows people within industry to get the exact colour match to fit this trend. I think that the WGSN trend layout is very simple and the images fit well but I feel that a more detailed explanation could be given as it is very vague. This does allow a variety of industrys to use it but also creates a broad allowance as to what is in the trend. Industry can draw upon this trend and then filter it down to the consumer. 

I have looked back over the Fashion Snoops tumblr to check that I have kept on track for my trend predictions. Their trend predictions are a little different as they are more specific to a particular industry, where as the trends which WGSN create can relate to any industry. Each trend fashion snoops creates is for a industry, but it has a range of different industrys it targets. I want my trend forecasts to be specific to Beauty but also be able to stretch to fashion and colours as they are so closely linked.I do not like the layout of the mood boards as I feel that they have not been carefully constructed. I feel that the content is very relevant but the images could fit together better so it looks like one image and not lots put together. 

These are trend forecasts which Fashion snoops has put together. 


In case you didn’t have a chance, during our very wonderful holiday, to check out the Mens Global Themes on the site here is a breakdown of the trends we called out for SPRING 2013.


Probably my favorite theme for men in 2013, this trend focuses on the balance between futuristic couture and athletic inspiration. Minimalism is the key to keeping this trend balance with a monochromatic color palette and touches of metallic and holographic finishes. Look to brands like Y-3 and Margiela for inspiration.
With a huge sweep of tropical influences, SS13 for men also supports a sea-side trend, from over-sized Hawaiian prints to casual resort wear. We focus on the diver watch being a key element in supporting this trend as scuba gear is a major influence. New fabrics such as Neoprene, nylon and ripstop are highlighted.

From gladiator sandals and safari inspired bags at Michael Kors to straw materials and bright colors at Burberry, there was a vast range of African influences. We look to new material combinations and fabrications such as canvas, braided jute and wax-finished leathers. Over-sized cuffs and neck-wear also make a statement for SS13, setting a new identification from past seasons’ African expression.

Taking inspiration from pure Rock-n-Roll, this trend is not defined by a specific decade but rather a free-spirited and grungy sensibility. For many decades music has influenced fashion but one consist trend taken from the industry is a nod to rocker’s non-nonchalant garb. With juxtapositions from distressed and worn in tailoring at John Varvatos to casual kick-back Cobain style at Nicholas K, this trend is sure to fill the shelves for SS13 with more attitude and style than any of the others.

This of course is targetting a different industry but it gives an idea of what is needed to put togther a trend forecast. They have included key colours that are relevant to each trend, this is something which I have also done.

Both websites have created trends with a description and a range of images all put together to create a mood board. This is something I have created and therefore proves that I am working to the same standard as what industry would produce.