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As I have already created one trend forecast for an A/W season I I have decided that I will reflect upon that season as previous seasons research.

I decided on the colour palette first for this trend, something which I have not done for the previous two trends but when reading how to construct a trend package, colour was one of the first parts to address. I was finding that I was struggling again to decide on a new concept to base my trend and I thought this would be a good starting place. I also did this because there was a trend of colours which ran through my images from London. I noticed hints of certain colours emerging in many street shots of London. These were a few

The colours I noticed in the images mainly clashed, they were rich colours with washed out tones, colours which would not normally be worn together. The main shades were greens, reds, oranges, and aquas. These clashy colours spurred me to look into clashing elements.

My clashing colour research led me to reflect on the chaotic riot's which took place in 2011. Although this event took place last year so it is not current research. There is still fear of future riots around Britain and as a results laws have been and are still changing to ensure the forces are prepared. The 2011 riots which erupted not just in London but across the whole country really shook up society.

The idea of broken Britain made me think of the song lyrics for 'Ill Manors' by Plan B.

VERSE 1Let's all go on an urban safariwe might see some illegal migrantsOi look there's a chavthat means council housed and violentHe's got a hoodie on give him a hugon second thoughts don't you don't wanna get muggedOh shit too late that was kinda dumbwhose idea was that...stupid...He's got some front, ain't we allbe the joker, play the foolWhat's politics, ain't it allsmoke and mirrors, April foolsAll year round, all in alljust another brick in the wallGet away with murder in the schoolsuse four letter swear words coz we're coolWe're all drinkers we aint drug takersevery single one of us buns the herbKeep on believing what you read in the paperscouncil estate kids, scum of the earthThink you know how life on a council estate isfrom everything you've ever read about it or heardWell it's all true, so stay where you're safestthere's no need to step foot out the 'burbsTruth is here, we're all disturbedwe cheat and lie its so absurdFeed the fear that's what we've learnedFuel the fireLet it burn.CHORUSOi! I said Oi!What you looking at you little rich boy!We're poor 'round here, run home and lock your doordon't come 'round here no more, you could get robbed forReal (yeah) because my manors illMy manors illFor realYeah you know my manors ill, my manors ill!VERSE 2You could get lost in this concrete junglenew builds keep springing up outta nowhereTake the wrong turn down a one way junctionfind yourself in the hood nobody goes thereWe got an Eco-friendly governmentthey preserve our natural habitatBuilt an entire Olympic villagearound where we live without pulling down any flatsGive us free money and we don't pay any taxNHS healthcare, yes please many thanksPeople get stabbed round here there's many shanksnice knowing someone's got our backs when we get attackedDon't bloody give me thatI'll lose my temperWho closed down the community centre?I kill time there used to be a memberwhat will I do now 'til September?Schools out, rules out, get your bloody tools outLondon's burning, I predict a riotFall in fall outwho knows what it's all aboutWhat did that chief say? Something bout the kaisersKids on the street no they never miss a beatnever miss a cheap thrill when it comes their wayLet's go lootingno not Lutonthe high street's closer cover your faceAnd if we see any rich kids on the way we'll make 'em wish they stayed insidethere's a charge for congestion, everybody's gotta paydo what Boris does... rob them blindCHROUSOi! I said Oi!What you looking at you little rich boy?We're poor 'round here, run home and lock your door!Don't come 'round here no more, you could get robbed forreal (yeah) because my manors illMy manors illFor realYeah you know my manors ill , my manors ill!MIDDLE 8We've had it with you politiciansyou bloody rich kids never listenThere's no such thing as broken Britainwe're just bloody broke in BritainWhat needs fixing is the systemnot shop windows down in BrixtonRiots on the televisionyou can't put us all in prison!CHORUSOi! I said Oi!What you looking at you little rich boy?We're poor round here, run home and lock your door!Don't come round here no more, you could get robbed forreal (yeah) because my manors illMy manors illFor realYeah you know my manors ill , my manors ill!

These lyrics are exactly what I would like to summarise and base my third trend upon.

I have looked into graffiti as it is a way of rebelling and seen in so many places around Britain. The initial ideal was spurred from the graffiti seen around London. It is usually seen as an expression through artwork, something which is similar to what I am creating for my calendar. The looks although showing one thing, they also show my skills and have a background trend meaning. 

I found the book ' OverGround 2'  by Tobias Barenthin Lindblad and Malcom Jacobson, which is based upon graffiti art. They comment that 'All of the time graffiti has been the truest illegal art form to reach acclaim and be shown on the sides of trains, city walls, and museums'. This shows that graffiti stands as a rebellion against society and although illegal it is ranked as art. It may not appeal to all but there are those that appreciate and understand that the graffiti artists 'set the rules, they pioneer the spots and the styles. They are the true trend-setters for all to see'. 

This quote links back to what I am creating. I want to be able to create a trend setting piece so I feel it is important to reference trend setting art. One graffiti artist comments that 'Sometimes the ideas come spurting. Music is an important source of inspiration. It awakens creativity . Environments can also be inspiring'. I believe I have reference music (song lyrics above) to help create my trend. 

Lastly graffiti is explained as 'spray destruction'. I like the idea of using broken and no longer perfect elements. I saw lots of things that relate to this idea whilst in London so I believe this will be the bases for my third trend. 

Whilst finding this book I also came across the 'Banksy wall and piece' book. Banksy is a notorious grafitti artist across Britain and the rest of the world. His art is often recognised for making statements about current and un-adressed political issues as well as creating humorous images.

Often the colours used in graffiti art are bright and bold as they are meant to stand out. They are also put together to clash and make each part a contrast rather than a similarity. This is something I want to draw upon. I want to put colours together which are not thought to work; use colours on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. 

I would like to use the colours similar to in this image. Reds, oranges an pale blues as i feel although they clash they also work together.These colours would work well for the Autumn/Winter season as they are darker as they are a reflection of what is going on at this time of year. Orange reflects the nature and how everything is turning orange and brown as it is dying, reds reflect the Christmas season which is so important in Britain's culture, and the blue reflects the cold weather and mood of the trend. 

It is important to create this trend as it shows a reflection of what is going on in Britain today and how it can influence the way we style ourselves. Like graffiti, style is a way of expressing ourselves and by creating looks which link to this trend will show that inspiration from anywhere can influence the way you look. This will hopefully teach the consumer something and lead them onto creating their own style ready for 2015. 

I believe I have plenty of research to now go on with the trend and come up with a final decision and start to relate it to beauty. There needs to be plenty of research to back up what I am saying and show to the consumer that the calendar has fashion authority. When creating a trend in industry this type of research would also have to be done. 

There is a clear relation between all of my trends for the year 2014. It is important for them all to be different but have some connection so that they flow on from one another. The first trend explains things being shattered and everything branching out from the epicentre into a dispersed bleed. This then links onto the next trend where it relate to circles and how they can be related back to life. The will explain about modern day life in Britain and how rebellion creates a new destructive look. This links back to the first trend. It is also important to have flow and some similarities for each season.

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