Research from feedback

Going back to what the lecturers told me to look at I have now gone and researched. 

Notes on Metamodernism was looked at first. 
The website describes itsself as

'Notes on metamodernism is a webzine documenting trends and tendencies across aesthetics and culture that can no longer be understood by a postmodern vernacular but require another idiom - one that we have come to call metamodernism.'

From here I went into the website and read a few articles. As I did not understand what 'Metamodernism' was this was my first port of call.

"What we are witnessing is the emergence of a new cultural dominant – metamodernism.
We understand metamodernism first and foremost as a structure of feeling, which can be defined, after Raymond Williams, as “a particular quality of social experience […] historically distinct from other particular qualities, which gives the sense of a generation or of a period.” [2] Metamodernism therefore is both a heuristic label to come to terms with recent changes in aesthetics and culture and a notion to periodize these changes. So when we speak of metamodernism we do not refer to a particular movement, a specific manifesto or a set of theoretical or stylistic conventions. We do not attempt, in other words, as Charles Jencks would do, to group, categorize and pigeonhole the creative work of this or that architect or artist. [3] We rather attempt to chart, after Jameson, the ‘cultural dominant’ of a specific stage in the development of modernity. [4]"

I now feel I have a much better understanding of what Meta modernism is and feel this research has benefited my trend info. 

It is relevant to my trend as it is talking about the transition between post modern and modernity and how attitudes and things are changing. This is relevant as I speak about how peoples ideas should now change and how the world and Britain are having issues which are causing a rolling ball effect on society. 

I have also gone back to evaluate WGSN and how their trends are constructed and show fashion authority. WGSN is a extremely highly valued trend forecasting website which members have to pay a subscription fee to view. The website informs readers of the latest goings on and what is around the corner. This website is one of the main sources of inspiration behind the project as it so well known and respected especially in the industry. 

I have read through a few of their trend forecasts. 

This is a n example of one they have created for A/W 2013/14 

I believe my trend forecasts are similar to these. I have provided a title, a description, images with key elements which relate and a pantone chart at the bottom, all of which WGSN have done. I like the way they have incorporated the images into the trend forecasts and labelled which colour it is. By doing this it allows people within industry to get the exact colour match to fit this trend. I think that the WGSN trend layout is very simple and the images fit well but I feel that a more detailed explanation could be given as it is very vague. This does allow a variety of industrys to use it but also creates a broad allowance as to what is in the trend. Industry can draw upon this trend and then filter it down to the consumer. 

I have looked back over the Fashion Snoops tumblr to check that I have kept on track for my trend predictions. Their trend predictions are a little different as they are more specific to a particular industry, where as the trends which WGSN create can relate to any industry. Each trend fashion snoops creates is for a industry, but it has a range of different industrys it targets. I want my trend forecasts to be specific to Beauty but also be able to stretch to fashion and colours as they are so closely linked.I do not like the layout of the mood boards as I feel that they have not been carefully constructed. I feel that the content is very relevant but the images could fit together better so it looks like one image and not lots put together. 

These are trend forecasts which Fashion snoops has put together. 


In case you didn’t have a chance, during our very wonderful holiday, to check out the Mens Global Themes on the site here is a breakdown of the trends we called out for SPRING 2013.


Probably my favorite theme for men in 2013, this trend focuses on the balance between futuristic couture and athletic inspiration. Minimalism is the key to keeping this trend balance with a monochromatic color palette and touches of metallic and holographic finishes. Look to brands like Y-3 and Margiela for inspiration.
With a huge sweep of tropical influences, SS13 for men also supports a sea-side trend, from over-sized Hawaiian prints to casual resort wear. We focus on the diver watch being a key element in supporting this trend as scuba gear is a major influence. New fabrics such as Neoprene, nylon and ripstop are highlighted.

From gladiator sandals and safari inspired bags at Michael Kors to straw materials and bright colors at Burberry, there was a vast range of African influences. We look to new material combinations and fabrications such as canvas, braided jute and wax-finished leathers. Over-sized cuffs and neck-wear also make a statement for SS13, setting a new identification from past seasons’ African expression.

Taking inspiration from pure Rock-n-Roll, this trend is not defined by a specific decade but rather a free-spirited and grungy sensibility. For many decades music has influenced fashion but one consist trend taken from the industry is a nod to rocker’s non-nonchalant garb. With juxtapositions from distressed and worn in tailoring at John Varvatos to casual kick-back Cobain style at Nicholas K, this trend is sure to fill the shelves for SS13 with more attitude and style than any of the others.

This of course is targetting a different industry but it gives an idea of what is needed to put togther a trend forecast. They have included key colours that are relevant to each trend, this is something which I have also done.

Both websites have created trends with a description and a range of images all put together to create a mood board. This is something I have created and therefore proves that I am working to the same standard as what industry would produce.

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