6th shoot

When I turned up to set up in the photography studios, it was so busy! The studio which I had booked was the only one which was unoccupied. I knew from this that this was going to be a more challenging shoot, just from knowing that we would be limited to what equipment was available.

When I got into the studio I realised how small it was and also there was no back drop AND the wall was not suitable to shoot up against as it was badly marked. This was a real problem, I didn't know what to do! As there was no chance of changing studio it was realised that I was going to have to make do with what I had and try and find a way around the background.

When setting up the lighting I found an enormous soft box which would be big enough to use as a white background. I decided that this was going to have to be my only option. I finally set up the studio but it was very cramped.

I asked my 'buddy' to come along and watch and assist if she wanted to. I felt that I was going to have a smooth running shoot therefore I thought it would be a beneficial thing to have my 'buddy' there  but the situation with the bad studio threw me.

Marie the model turned up exactly on time and I started the make-up right away. Within a few minutes I had a phone call off the other model, Elizabeth, to say that she had also arrived. This through me totally as she was not due for another hour and half. I sat Elizabeth down and told her that she would have to wait until I was done applying the design on Marie. Knowing that there was a model waiting for me whilst I was working on another model was pressurising.

When my 'buddy' arrived I asked her to help remove Elizabeth's make up and nail varnish and told to prep the skin ready for when I was to work on her.

Marie's hair and make-up went according to plan and she was ready in time for when Magdalena was ready to shoot. The only amendment which I had to make was that I had to trim the wig down in order to fit Marie's head and face.

When Magdalena arrived she was not impressed with the studio, putting her in quite a bad mood. I felt it was important to try and lift this in order for her to enjoy the shoot and get good images. She commented that she just wanted to finish this project now as it had been going on for a number of weeks. This was a little disheartening as I knew that she no longer wanted to do the shoots. I carried on working in a professional manner and tried not to let it knock my confidence. I assume that these sorts of situations happen all the time when working out in industry. You may not get on with the photographer but you act professional and do not let it interfere with the job.

I showed Magdalena a reference image of what I was wanting from the shoot with Marie and told them to carry on shooting while I started the makeup on Elizabeth. 

The make-up that was initially planned went how I wanted it but afterwards I was not sure whether it linked strongly enough to my trend and mood board. The colours were supposed to be quite washed out and in shades of pink and white but instead the image looked quite fierce and bold. I was also not happy with the way I had styled the hair so I decided to change it. I thought that if I had the hair down and natural it would help soften the image. 

I feel that the shoot with Marie went well. She was taking instruction and the reference image clearly showed how I wanted the image and this was looking like it had been achieved. When Magdalena was happy that she had some good images the models swapped. I got my Buddy to help remove the models hair and make up while I focussed on helping set up the shoot for Elizabeth. 

Even though I had given clear instruction on what I wanted, I wasn't happy with how the shoot was going, even though there were images as reference the model wasn't able to get the look wanting to be achieved and also I felt the hair and makeup design was not the strongest. I immediately knew that I needed to re-shoot this months look with a different model and a stronger makeup and hair design. This was extremely frustrating as this model was the most expensive model I have paid for and I do not feel she was able to achieve what was wanted from the shoot. 

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