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I have decided to call this third and last trend 'Distorted Movements'. I feel this is an appropriate name which links back to my research and explains what the trend is about.

I have created a mood board to explain the trend visually.
This trend is a lot darker compared to the previous. It's mood is also deeper and moodier. There is an air of arrogance and confidence about this trend. This is focused towards causing a rebellion against tradition. 

These are the key colours of the trend. They hold darker tones for the winter months but also deep in pigment. The base colours are blacks and greys and stone, colours which can work along side any of the other tones. The blue adds a hit of intensity into the trend. It is there to pack a punch! The deep red represents the blood and anger felt by today's society. The burnt orange represents the chaos which has been caused and the buzzy adrenaline which pumps through the youths veins as they cause chaos. 

Confusion clouds the minds of most, as the structure of the UK appears unstable. The ecosystem is increasingly being disrupted, the financial system is spiralling in an uncontrollable frenzy, and geopolitical stability is looking uneven and precarious. An obscured smudge across Britain is forming and as a result creating chaotic movements.

Distorted Britain is now the contemporary view of Autumn/ Winter 2014. What is failure? A new understated fashion which is intentionally being formed and referred to as the abstract contorted way of the 90’s.

The moody attitude of today’s adolescents drives the trend of anti-fashion. Never underestimate the sharpened instincts of the future. They may graffiti the cities with laid-back arrogance, that have to be scrubbed at to neaten up but the marks just won’t go away. Leave the ‘under construction’ task to evolve in its own unusual way.

Deep, rich shades mix with hyped up tones show a clash of chaos. Shades that should not be put together and patterns that overlap create a difficult focus. Heated mix with the cool. Dark mix with the bright. Neat mix with the askew. A/W 2014 provides a protest to the previous trend. Inaccuracy can be replicated. 

This explanation has had to be altered due to an inaccuracy in the content. This was highlighted by the lecturers during a tutorial. They suggested to look at the website 'notes on metamodernism' ( to give a better back up of what I wanted to say. I have done this and feel that the trend looks better researched and shows trend authority. 
They also advised to look back at WGSN and the Fashion Snoops websites to check that my trends are to the same standard and style as theirs. I will address this in a later blog entry.

I have also created individual mood boards to explain the four looks which will be featured in the trend. As well as addressing the trend I have also tried to relate it to the month it will be representing. 

This is for the first look I want to create for the trend. There needs to be a clear transition between August and September. I want to start the trend off with a clear change in colour so I have decided to use the image which has the electric blue running through it. This mood board which I have created combines the refined and smudged. As it is going to feature colour I thought it would be important to reference the graffiti research. I have decided to put the two brightest colours into this look, the blue and orange. This will therefore create a brighter image so I do not want the style of photography to be too dark. I do not want much shadowing in this image either as it is a bright bold look. I do want the model to come across as confident with an arrogant expression. I want the hair to have lots of texture as the make-up will be sharp edged. I feel that a lighter hair colour would look better for this to show all of the highlights in the hair. The make-up will feature the electric blue streak running across the eye. I have decided to use the eyes as they are the centre of expression and this bolt of colour across the lid will reflect the striking intense look. The lips will be painted in an orange tone. It will be clean but with a smudged edge. This represents the imperfect part of the trend. 
The looks are starting to get more intense as the months pass by. The next mood board I have created will be for October. I have decided to draw upon the orange tone for this month as it is at the heart of Autumn and nature is full of different shades of Orange. I want to work orange into the hair, so I have decided to create the orange roots, a flawed imperfection. As I am drawing upon looks which are tried to be avoided I have linked this idea into my make-up looks. The eye liner will be not near to the eye line but instead shifted out of place. The rest of the face will be a wash of one tone. In order for me to achieve this look and make it affective I will need to source a model with dark long hair and a pale skin tone. 
As this looks is going to be darker I want the mood to be more serious and mysterious like a dark wood. I will show this throught the models expression and through light shadowing. 
The third look for this trend will also draw upon the orange tone. This time the orange will not be as intense, more of a fading to burnt out orange and a transition into burgundy. I want to do this so the look continues to get darker and moodier. As I am into the heart of the trend it will reference the strongest aspects of the trend. I have linked this look to the darkness of a cemetery and the intensity of a blazing fire. The eyebrows will represent the strength of the flames and the eyes will be covered in a charcoal to show a deep strong feeling. I want this image to reference the wet slick hair so I am planning on styling the hair into a messy, greasy look. This is something which is often avoided by women with long hair as it looks dirty but I want to show a grungy attitude and look in this image. I think that a model with dark hair and darker eyes would best represent this months image.  

This is the last look of the calendar and I want to be the darkest. I do want to reference the Christmas season so I am going to use a very dark red on the lips. The rest of the image will be focused around texture. I want the eyebrows to brushed upwards, hair back-combed into a styled mess and large eyelashes to be applied under the eyes. All of these design elements are usually avoided. Women seek for tidy, groomed eyebrows, hair is kept tidy and sleek and if eyelashes are going to be applied, they would be on top of the eyelid and near the lash line. The purpose is to create a 'wrong' image. This relates to my trend in that people like to fit the 'look' but this trend is about rebellion and creating a new statement. As the image is all about texture I would prefer to use a model with blonde hair to show up all the different highlights within the hair, I would also want them to have full lips for the red lipstick and defined cheekbones to represent the strong look. The model will need to look determined and confident within her look. 

To reflect the look I would like to use a darker lighting set up, so there are shadows cast. This will show a more sinister side to the trend. 

These looks have all taken reference from the trend and what is going on in today's society. Although they link to today they will also fit in with the calendar for 2014 as the ideas in the trend will still exist. For example the chances are that graffiti will be around the UK cities, adolescents will still rebel and the majority will still seek to conform with the set look. It will be even more relevant in 2014/15 as the style seekers will be starting to realise that they want to look individualistic in their style 

The trend is relevant to not only the consumer and beauty industry, it also links in with fashion, architecture, fabrics and other industry's. They would able to reference the same colours, use the idea of clashing ideas, causing purpose made errors and pairing opposites together. 

I feel that this trend fits in with the calendar and the other two trends. There is a clear difference in ideas between all three but they also relate to each other. They all reference London and iconic places within Britain and the designs created are all innovative and experimental looks which can be filtered down to be worn by the public. 

I feel that all my trends have proven that I have carried out excellent investigation skills into my research as I have used both primary and  secondary sources to back up what I am saying. I believe I now have and show an advanced critical understanding of trends. 

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