shoot 8 and 9

When I turned up for the shoot with Lulu I was the first to arrive. The studio which Lulu had booked was still being occupied by the people who had booked it before so I had to wait until they were finished. They did leave the lighting out that I thought I might need. I started to set up and found I had given myself plenty of time. 

When the model turned up I showed her through what I was wanting to achieve from the shoot and then got started with the hair and make- up. Whilst I was styling Elle, Lulu arrived and started to set up the studio to what I needed. She was really helpful and said she would create whatever style I wanted which was a huge relief and good to know that the images were going to turn out how I wanted them. 

The make up application seemed to go really quickly and found I had plenty of time to shoot. After spending 45 minutes shooting Lulu was happy with the images she had captured and showed me them to see whether I was too. I was and just as I was removing the make-up from Elle my other model arrived. Whilst I finished off removing the make up I got Lydia to get changed into her strapless top. 

Whilst I carried out the make up and hair on Lydia, Lulu went for some lunch and returned to re-jig the lighting a bit later. 

I had originally planned to use hair extensions within Lydia's hair to make the hair really big on top of her head and to make it appear like there was chains lost and tangled in her hair. But after applying the hair extensions I decided it looked better without. The hair was not a complete colour match and there was too much hair. 

The shoot with Lydia also went extremely well and I got a range of different images.

At the end of the shoot I offered to let Lulu put all of the images on my laptop and then I could go home and have a look through and decide on two. She preferred to get the whole shoot over and done with so decided that she would sit with me and we could edit the images together, that way I could get the edits straight away and I could have a better input into how they were going to be done. It also meant that she was only willing to give me the two images but I did not mind as I only really needed one but I would like two to put in my portfolio. I agreed to sit with her until we were done. I thought this was an very good idea and wished I had of had that option when working with Magdalena. I preferred working with Lulu as she was willing to carry the shoot out how I wanted. 

Lulu was also incredibly talented on Photoshop and if I mentioned something on the image to change she could easily do it. When we were done I felt very satisfied and pleased with the results. I wish I had found her earlier in the project and asked for her to do more. I mentioned that I may have to re shoot an image next week and she said she would be happy to work on it with me as she was impressed with my model scouting and make up and hair skills. This was reassuring, I now need to find a model for May's look. 

These are the images I received:

 We decided that it would be best to have one front on image and one to the side as an alternative. I am very pleased with the results and although we put a green tone over the image. When I got home and compared them to the other images within the calendar, it was too intense so I have re edited them and toned the green down. 
I feel that the hair and  eyebrows are the focus within this design and it has worked well. I feel I have managed to achieve the grungy look but also relate it back to my mood board and trend. The model I used was brilliant at taking direction and this resulted in getting images which are really strong and intense in emotion. The only issue I have with the image which was also a problem when creating the design, was that the paint in the hair would not dry because it was oil paint. This meant that orange paint kept on being transferred onto the skin so I had to keep stepping into the shot to wipe away orange on the skin. As the hair was wet this also meant that the hair would not dry in place and I had to rearrange the hair into position several times. 

I feel that this image clearly reflects with what is going on in the mood board. The cemetery relates to the deep intense eyes and the fire is reflected in the strands of fiery hair. 

I felt like I had plenty of time to create this look so I was totally satisfied with the design and outcome.  I think I prefer the image where Elle is facing straight on as it looks like there is more attitude and arrogance. 

Budget: model fee £35.00

I am also extremely pleased with these images. They are really clean cut and I like the shape of the shoulders in relation to the background. The lighting is also extremely flattering. I think the smudged orange lip is extremely successful and could easily be related back to my trend of 'failure is the new perfection'. I think the orange lip could highlight to the consumer that orange and coral lips are in for this season. I also like the subtle aqua flick of eye liner. It is bright but it does not detract from the main element of the design, the lips. I feel that by the hair being styled up it has added to the clean cut image. I am very satisfied and feel this is one of the strongest images in the entire calendar. I am please d that I was able to reuse some of the jewellery which has been bought for other shoots and never used. Although the design is very messy it has been done in a carefully refined and planned way creating a striking image which would be something which could be seen in a magazine. There is nothing about these images which I would change. 

Lulu has been able to create exactly what I had envisioned and this is why these two images are my favourite out of the entire calendar. As most of the images I have used in the calendar are side shots, it is a nice alternative to feature some front on poses. I feel that by them being more head on they are more confrontational which is relevant to my trend.

model fee: £70.00

This was a images which was created from the shoot but for Lulu's portfolio. She has allowed me to have a copy to put in my portfolio. 

Fridays shoot: Friday was a pleasant change to what I had been doing the last few weeks. As it was for fashion students the focus was upon the clothing so the make-up did not need to be so elaborate. I had to do two looks on Caroline, the first was with golds so although gold was featured in my second trend, it did not relate to my mood board. The second look they were wanting was a lot more natural, in washes of pale colours as this was a more floral look. As they said to me I could create what I wanted within reason, I decided to cater it to the look I was wanting to create for May. I had to filter it down slightly but as May was a very natural look anyway this did not matter. At the end of the shoot they offered me the chance to get a few head shots so I could use the images. I jumped at the chance to tweak the make-up and cater it to what I needed. I added the bubble wrap around her neck and re powdered her face. I gave instruction as to what I was wanting and this is what was achieved. 

They gave me all the images at the end of the shoot which meant that I would have to edit the images myself but I did not mind this as it was my last image of the calendar. This is what I created.

As I was having to edit the images myself I only edited the one. I carefully picked which image was this best and this is what I decided on. Although the model is looking directly into the camera, the expression is very relaxed and soft. I used bubble wrap as it shows a nurtured and delicate feeling, like the model is fragile. The makeup is very subtle but it is in the same colours and depth as the mood board I created. I am much more satisfied with this image and am happy to use it within my calendar. The only element which I am not so pleased with, is the hair. I feel I could have done a better job at creating a tumbling up-do. 

I was unsure as to whether the shoot would be suitable to my look but it was and I feel it went very well. As I was organised and left myself plenty of time I feel that this has shown through the images and pays off. 

As this was not my shoot it did not cost me anything. 

This is the most natural and likely to be seen on the high street I think it will appeal to the target market. It is clear that they would be able to achieve this look and are more likely to attempt it. 

By doing a look like this it shows some variation in the images and my skills. It also shows my initiative to seize the opportunity to shoot with a model ideal for my look and use it to my benefit. 

I have put to use skills which have been learnt from when Alex Box did a demonstration at the University. I watched her show a more unique way of flattening eyebrows. This has been put to use in this image and I feel it was successful. I feel I carried out the shoot in a professional manner and allowed the client to get the outcome they were after as well as meeting mine. I feel that it is important to allow the client to be happy when working on a shoot in industry as that way you are more likely to be asked to return for work on future shoots. 

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