fourth shoot

6th march: Setting up in the photography studios has become something which I feel confident in doing. I set up a basic lighting kit and placed the lights in the same position as what Magdalena had used before. By keeping the lighting the same allows the images to have some consistency.

I did have some trouble with the backdrops. There were backdrops in the holders but in the wrong colours. I wanted very plain and neutral backdrops in white and grey as an alternative. I had given myself an hour to set up everything ready for when Toni arrived and this was fortunate as I had to ask one of the technicians to help me change the backdrops. I have now learnt how to change the back drops but as they are quite heavy I do not think I would be able to do it on my own.

As Toni arrived on time it allowed me a fair amount of time to apply the practiced design and ensure that she was fully aware of what I wanted from the shoot. 
I was hoping to use more than one model for this shoot, however I was unable to find another suitable model for one of my looks.  

The application of the sequins went well and how I had envisioned. I am pleased that I tested the look beforehand as practicing was very fiddly and deciding on where the sequins were placed was important. 

Everything went well during this shoot. I finished the styling as Magdalena had finished setting up and this allowed plenty of time to shoot. The studios were very quiet so we were able to use whichever lighting equipment we wanted.

As Magdalena had noticed when editing the images, the strapless top which the models were told to wear were difficult to edit out or the image needed to be cropped right down to cut out the top. She mentioned to try and get models to not wear the top at all. Toni was more than happy to go topless and as the studios were empty it was unlikely for anyone to disturb us. However I felt very awkward as I had not asked or pre warned Toni that the shoot may be topless. I knew if I was going to continue doing topless shoots it would make even harder to source models.

Overall the shoot went extremely well, I was able to see the images on my laptop and was pleased with the results and so was Magdalena. 

The budget for this shoot was not too expensive:
Model fee: £10
false eyelashes £3.99
Sequins £6.99

Total: £21.98

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