waiting for edits and planning fourth shoot

I have received the edits from Magdalena and I am extremely pleased with them. She has been able to edit the ones I wanted as well as uploading others she wanted onto Facebook.

These are what I have received:

She also gave me the options to use images where she added a glitter background

These are the images which Magdalena edited for herself:

The images which she has edited for herself are not what I am looking for so I am going to stick with the ones I have chosen and at a later date decide the final image from the Nyane shoot to use in my calendar.

These images are relatable to my calendar because they are a simple look that can easily be used as a reference for consumers to do there own make up. The images also fit in with the rest of the calendars looks because they are also head shots, the model is looking into the camera, and the style of photography and edits are the same.

I believe these images do showcase my skills in hair and make up design. Although the design is simple, I created the beaded fringe myself and I am able to prove that I can create flawless skin on different skin tones. I love the fringe and feel it has worked really well in the image. It shows the creative ideas and links back well to my trend and mood board. I have proven to myself that if I want a certain look, with enough planning it is achievable. I did doubt that I would be able to create this fringe but feel it has transformed my image from being a simplistic design to a striking one.

There are not many elements to the image that I do not like. If I was to be picky with it, I would say that the hair design could have been stronger. As the hair was a different style to what was thought, the original plan of how I wanted the hair was irrelevant. I think I was able to create a good style but it could definitely have been neater and more refined.

I believe that the beads in the look fully relate to the roundness and circles in order part of my theme. The fringe creates a barrier between the model and the viewer, creating a slight sense of insecurity. The models pose is also closed in and as if she has a lack in confidence. The mood for this trend is very light and delicate and having this image look vulnerable I believe fits well.

I believe the look also fully relates to my mood board. The colours within the image reflect the same tones, the beads are a clear statement in the image and its delicateness is clearly shown through. 

Although the photo shoot did not run smoothly I am extremely happy with the final images. I would not use this model again as she was so unreliable but I do believe she is a strong model. I think without the high organisation of myself, the image would have turned out totally differently. I knew exactly what I wanted to create and had practised gripping in the fringe, so I knew that this was going to work. I did feel a little rushed on time but as I only had one model booked for the time I had luckily allowed myself plenty of time. The model new exactly what I wanted to achieve and was able to take guidance making the time shooting more successful.

I have shown the images to my lecturers and they are happy with them and confident that they will fit in with my calendar. This was very relieving and creating a slight boost in confidence on what I can achieve.The one comment that they made on the image, was to lighten the one eye slightly to show more of the pupil. Instead of getting Magdalena to edit this small part I have decided to do this myself. Magdalena was also extremely pleased with the shoot and decided to use the image within her own portfolio. If a professional photographer is happy to use my images then it must be a sign that my images are up to a high standard.

My lecturers also advised me to now start planning the way my images sit next to each other. I have started to do this and I believe this is helping me decide what works well and what does not. It also gives me an idea of what future looks need to be like, for example if there are two images where the model is turned to the left, then I know for the next shoot to try and get the model to face to the right. This allows me to then not create the same looks for all the images and allow variety to run through the calendar.

Magdalena did comment that she felt we had enough time to shoot two models in future as long as they were ready for when she arrived. I am now more confident that I would be able to achieve this and in future will plan to use two models in one shoot.

Planning fourth shoot:

The next shoot I have planned is for the following Tuesday (6th March). I have decided to try to stick to shooting on a Tuesday as this works well with my photographer and it allows myself to have the weekend to plan and practise the looks and if I need to do anything in the University the day before (such as booking the next weeks photo shoot in the studios) then I am able to do this.

I have managed to find myself another model for the next look. The model I have found is Toni Caroline who is a model on ModelMayhem. She is also a student at the University so this is more comforting that she is aware of the sort of shoot which will be taking place. She has also agreed to work on a TFP basis which is hugely helpful to my budget. Toni fits in perfectly for the purple look I want to create, she has short dark hair and a pale complexion, ideal for the purple look.

I have been shopping and now bought some sequins I think would work well in my design. It was important to get good quality sequins so that the look is professional looking. I do not want to bring the standard of make up and hair design down for the calendar. I am aware that the consumer is unlikely to want to stick sequins on their face when doing their own make up, but hopefully it will create inspiration into their own designs. For example the colour of the sequins may influence the consumer to use that colour eye shadow, or the shape in which the sequins have been applied may influence the shape of the eye shadow applied.

Whilst shopping I brought fresh eyelash glue to use to stick down the sequins and a range of different sequins in different colours and sizes. I was not sure which ones were going to work best on the face as I knew I was going to be sticking these to the eyes I needed them to sit flat. I was not sure whether the larger sequins were going to sit flat to the skin so i tested to see.

One thing that I did notice whilst testing on the larger sequins was that 1 they did not sit flat to the skin, and 2 as they were very sheer in colour the glue showed through creating a patchy look. The sequins which worked best were the smaller ones which were flat in shape but were small enough that they could be layered on top of one another.

I aim to upload the test images at a later date.

Sunday 4th March: I have been notified by Toni that she is now unable to make the shoot as she is too busy. She would be happy to reschedule. I am not wanting to reschedule the shoot as I know it means cancelling and re organising with Magdalena, trying to rebook a studio and it also setting my project back. I have decided to hunt for another model.

Monday 5th March: I have been unable to find another model so I am debating cancelling the shoot. I have emailed Toni asking if she would re consider shooting if I was able to pay for her time. Toni would be a perfect model for this shoot as she has the specific looks I am after. I am waiting for a reply.

I have now had a reply from Toni and we have agreed on a price and she is happy to do the shoot. RELIEF!!

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