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I feel that now I have thoroughly researched I can now finalise my new trend. I am happy with the idea I have created but I do not think it is as strong as my previous.

I have created an overall mood board which explains my trend as an image. I have decided to call the Spring/ Summer trend 'Idyllic Entirety'. 

I want the trend to be more colourful with brights and washed out tones. The main colours in the trend are pinky purples, bluey greens and orangey golds. The theme is soft and romantic with no harsh edges and stark designs. Instead everything is delicate with allowance for movement. Layers are important to this trend as translucent objects become visible due to light and placement. 

Idyllic Entirety

Existence may be seen as a life cycle, a repetition of birth, life and death. Something Earth craves to form a flowing wholeness. Creation will see no end if nature and humans work in harmony to keep eternity alight. There will never be a lapse of concentration and development to meet perfection.  Although perfection is an element that should be sought after but never reached.

Spring /Summer has returned with a simplistic approach to a complete appearance. Comfortable lines make up a voluminous shape of curved silhouettes and full forms.

Romantic roundness reflects in a rediscovered use for circles. A shape so important in life, it could not be lived without.

Fantasy takes over the mind in a wash of hope for the summer sun. A light which brings a warming haze with the season, which intensifies, in a rotation like the London eye. Bubbles of excitement bloom as the Common Wealth Games approach and the buzz of the Olympics drifts as a distant memory.

Colour follows a series of being reborn before softening out into beautiful mid tones with poetic blurs. Nurtured shades of powdered pinks and purples merge into delicate dreamy blues and aqua to form a palette of pleasing completeness.

Smooth textures add a sensual experience to fantasy state. Floating thoughts sway like balloons in the breeze as dreams blossom into reality. S/S 2014 allows a feminine mist of aroma to settle and soothe any un-eased thoughts.

I have selected these colours becasue I would class them as feminine tones. They are not intense but strong enough to not be classed as a pastel tone. They include some of the same colours as the Olympic rings. I also took inspiration from the images of London. I wanted to use warmer shades for the season so as the months pass the colours become warmer. The last look of the season will end in golds. I also wanted to draw upon Spring colours (shades which appear when in bloom) so pinks and purpes appeared quite often. Lastly I wanted to draw upon the blue and aqua seas that the summer holidays bring. I feel that all these colours gel well together and represent a softer feel to the trend. 
The trend will start in brighter colours before fading out as the bright sun bleaches out the colours due to it being intense in the summer months. As it comes to the end of the trend the warmer tones such as golds and bronzes will shine through, ready in time for the autumn months.

From this mood board I then went on to create 6 more mood boards which relate to the hair and makeup for the months of Spring and Summer. The first was the most striking in colour and started the season off with a intense clear change to the previous season. 

I selected blue as the starting off colour of the season, a colour related to the world, the sky and the sea. A deep meaningful colour with a calm mood which is what I wanted for this trend. The tone is a light bright colour which suggests a fresh, clear mood for the spring. It relates to the trend in that it is based around the soft circles within the trend. The hair is sculpted with sleekness but then opens up into its own softness to create its own shape. The makeup has a blue feature but a simplicity to the image. A purity, a focus upon natural beauty. I want to bring in accessories for this trend to add to the structural softness of circles. I like the idea of using earrings that hang delicately from the ears.

I would want the model to have pale toned skin and small soft features for this look.
I am unsure of the layout of this mood board I like the idea and concept but am not sure the images portray strongly enough what I mean.

The next mood board I created was this.
 I want to lead the blue onto softer more feminine tones which will reflect the romantic feel to the trend. The look will be more intense in colour by directing it at the pinks and purples in the colour scheme. The pinks and purples relate to the flowers and blossom appearing on the trees in time for spring. I want this look to represent a delicate flower so although the colours are more intense compared to the other images in this trend, the feel and mood is very soft. I also want the pinks and purples to show the character being in the first stages of love and where life is a whirlwind. The model is in a dreamlike state and the lips are full and pink. With the hair I plan to have a slightly rounded style, whether this is in styled shapes or into a rounded cut, I have not decided yet.
Relating back to the Idyllic Entirety trend, the soft dreamy mood and warming tones relate to the roundness of the trend. 

The ideal model for this trend will have large rounded eyes, full lips and a skin tone that will highlight and work well with the pinks and purples. I like the idea of using a black skinned model as I would like to use a variety of different skinned and looking models to add some variation to the calendar.

The style of photography will be quite hazy with a bright backlight and very little shadowing on the face.

This next moodboard is for the hight of the Spring Summer season. I want this image to be the most washed out in colour but have a very warm, gentle feel. It is the look that represents harmony. The image will have colour but  in very subtle washes. This will be the most natural of all of my images. 

The main colours within this look are nudes, aquas and purples. I have decided to use these colours because although the aqua and violets are at opposites on the colour wheel they still work in harmony together. The colours suggest a very calm, relaxed mood something that is and should be felt as the warmth of the sun shines down onto our skin. 

In relation to the trend, the look will represent the dream. Where everything is happy and perfect. 

The hair and makeup design will be very simple  with easily achievable looks. The hair will have soft curls which link back to the circles of the trend. The makeup will have washes of colour on the skin so the natual nude skin tone shines through. 

I want the model to have blonde hair and very small doll like features to help relect the soft feminine look. 

The style of photo will have a warm filter and be very soft, showing a comfortable warm skin. There will be no shadows upon the face as the model is reflecting a fresh faced natural look.

The next look follows on well from the previous, it will have subtle hints of colour but a little more pink and purple. The colours of this look will relate to the sweet floral perfume which is floating in the air. Again I want the look to be very soft with delicate facial expressions and poses. It will still have a washed out feel but with a little more depth. This may be brought in through lighting. I like the idea of playing around with shadows for this look so although the make up design will be simple and natural there will be a overpowering scent casting a shadow upon the face. The sun light is also much more powerful during the summer, casting harsher shadows. As this look will be for the first month of summer I want to really draw upon this. 

The make up is very simple but with flattened circles stuck to the face. I Like the idea of using sequins to create this look. I would like to use them around the eye to create a new form of eye shadow. By placing the sequins around the eye in a rounded curve it relates back to my trend as well as linking in with the mood board. I had contemplated what product to use but settled on sequins as they are flat, easy to get hold of and easy to use on the face. Glitter would also work but from previous experience it is very difficult to work with as it goes all over the place and it can also be looked upon as looking a little amateur. I want to create a classy look for this month with the hair slicked into waves, like the sea, washing upon to the face. This relates to my soft wash of roundness of the trend. 

The choice of model for this look is very important. They would need to have dark short hair and pale skin. This contrast links in with the shadows and simplicity of the look. 

This mood board continues to follow on from the previous. It is still drawing upon the circles part of the trend but using different products. The idea for this look is to use beads in rows. A way in which of creating this is to create a fringe of beads, something which is shown in the mood board. I like the idea of using clear beads so that the detail behind can still shine through, something also drawn upon in the research of the trend. 

As the hair for this look will be a lot more detailed, it is important to not create a detailed make up look. 

Colours which will relate to this look will be whites and colours which are starting to get warmer for at the heat of the summer months. They do however have to link to the trend so only subtle hints of gold and shimmer will shine through for this look. 

The photography style for this look will relate to the previous, there will be slight shadows cast upon the face but as there will be detail in the beading I do not want the shadows to detract or distort the clean looking image. 

The mood for this look will be very relaxed but striking enough to carry the detailed beading over the face. 

The model will need to have longish hair to style upon the head, ideally in a golden or auburn tones. They will need to have no fringe and a striking and strong face. A skin tone that would compliment golds and warmer tones would be ideal so a warmer, more tanned complexion would work. 

As this is the last look of the trend I want it to be one of the strongest and one to finish the trend off. As most of the make up designs for this calendar have been focused upon the make up, I want to showcase what has been learnt in my hair design skills. So for this look, the focus will be on the hair. I want to draw upon elements of the trend such as the Olympics as well as the theme of unity, (this is why there has been a wedding ring included within the mood board). It has been decided to use rings within the hair to link to the trend and as the previous looks have not used plaits, this will help to create the interlinking theme. 

The look will still need to follow on from the previous so the colour theme will be continued and extended into golds and bronzes. By using a ginger haired model this will link the colours to the look and also add some variation to the calendar. 

The make up will need to link in with the hair but not over power it. Keeping in with the rounded circle theme, the eyes will be the focus of the make up. The idea of using golden eyelashes is appealing as it is something not normally seen. 

The mood for this look will be stronger, a more structured hair will back this decision. It will still need to fit in with the softer theme so there will be an air of confidence but not arrogance in the models expression. 

The style of photography for this look will be similar to the previous in that there will be a warm wash over the images and a small amount of shadow. 

I feel that the communication of each mood board shows clearly what I want to create for each month of the calendar. From the previous shoot I found that the mood boards were more useful than the face charts I created. They express a clearer feeling. They show the mood as well as showing the hair and make-up which can be shown to the model and photographer, therefore I have decided to stop designing face charts and use my mood boards as a reference for each photo shoot. I also feel that the mood boards showcase some innovative designs that strongly link back to my research and trend. I want to really challenge myself to create some interesting images which really showcase my hair and make-up skills. If I am successful in doing this then I can demonstrate I am devising innovative and appropriate solutions to a specific styling brief. 

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