3rd shoot

I am now ready to carry out my first photoshoot of my second trend. I feel thoroughly researched and have now got a better understanding of how shoots are going to take place in the photography studios. 

As I have been working in the library to research and write this blog I have found it easier with booking studios as I can just pop in and block a slot out. 

I booked a studio for the following Tuesday (21st February), presuming that as Magdalena had been able to make the Tuesday just gone, she would also be able to make this Tuesday. Unfortunately, when I asked her to shoot she said she would be unable to do this day. As I was so happy with her work from the previous shoot I have decided to continue using her for my other images. This way at least all my images will be consistent in style of photography and edits. This means I need to cancel this shoot and reschedule for when she is available. Magdalena mentioned that she would now only be able to shoot from 6pm onwards, last weeks shoot was a one off. This makes being on time when shooting even more important as I only have an hour and half for shooting time and if I want to use two models, Magdalena needs time to get some good images. 

Although having Natasha as a back up photographer is a good option I am finding that if I'm not going to be using her as my main photographer for my project and I'm doing the make up for all hers, I'm creating myself a lot of extra work. I am also finding that Natasha's images are not benefiting me because the photography is not up to my standard and the models she is using are friends and are not creating striking looks which I would be happy to use in my portfolio. I have decided to cancel all arrangements with her. 

After speaking to my lecturer in tutorials I explained that I had a problem with finding the models I wanted. They have now provided me with an agency in bournemouth to contact. 
I have sent them over an email asking to use models for tests, I have also attached a few images of the work I have so far created. Still waiting for a reply. 

My lecturers have also advised to take my laptop in to a photo shoot so that I am able to view the images straight away, as they are being shot. By doing this it allows me to pick up on elements of the hair and make up which are not right. It also allows me to make a quicker selection of images to edit and I have all the original files. I feel that the tutor's feedback is very useful in allowing my images to be improved and I realise that it is important to attend every possible feedback session. 

I have booked the next shoot for Tuesday 28th February and confirmed with Magdalena. My task is to now find a model for this shoot. I have very specific looks for the images I want to create so finding models is very difficult. Without the help of ModelMayhem I think I would really struggle carrying out photo shoots with models, I think I would have to use people I know.

Friday: 24th February: I have now managed to find a model suitable for one of the looks I am wanting to create. Although she is not relevant for the March look, I am still able to shoot a different look as I have planned them out in advance. Her name is Nyane and I am aware that she is a good model as she has modelled for a few people I know and they have all commented on how much of a good model she is. 

She would be suitable for the beaded fringe look I want to create as she has a copper toned hair and she has a warm skin tone to highlight the golden tones in the make up. 

Now I have confirmed the model and photographer I can now plan and prepare for the shoot. As I have this week it has allowed me extra time to catch up with my blog and prepare for the next few shoots. 

Saturday 25th February: After spending the morning walking around town collecting the specific things I need for the shoot I have now bought all the beads, thread and netting needed to create the fringe. I have spent the rest of the afternoon and evening stitching it all together. It has been challenging, time consuming and fiddly to put together but I am pleased with the results and am excited to see what it is going to look like on Nyane. I feel i have pushed the boundaries in my design skills and I have managed to create an innovative piece that transforms my design. I also feel I have been imaginative in creating this piece as it look professional and also links back to my trend. 

As the fringe is so heavily detailed I want to keep the rest of the makeup design quite simple. I aim to create a golden, glowing skin on Nyane by applying a sheer foundation and golden wash over the eyes. It is hard to test for this look as I do not know anyone with a darker skin tone to practise on. I have tested the fringe within my own hair and it works fine. Luckily the make up is a simple application so if any tweeks need to be made it should be easy to do so.  

Wednesday 29th February: The shoot with Nyane yesterday did not go as smoothly as planned. 

I arrived an hour before her arrival to set up the photography studio so that it made it easy  for Magdalena when she arrived. It would also mean that she would not have to spend the time doing the lighting set up when she could be shooting. Luckily I felt confident in being able to set up the studio as I had done it before and had benefited from the photography sessions earlier in the year. By me setting up the lighting it also allowed me to decide on the way I wanted the images lit. 

When it got to 4pm (when Nyane was due to arrive) I rang her as she informed me she had no credit on her phone to ring me. When I rang she was just leaving college in Eastleigh which is a 20 minute train journey away. I was a little annoyed at the fact she was nowhere near, after her explaining she was going to be another half hour I contacted Magdalena and told her to not worry about rushing as I was going to be running about 45 minutes late. When I rang back Nyane half an hour later she explained she was just leaving the train station and she was going to walk to the University. I gave her 15 minutes to walk the journey. When I rang back she was in West Quay, by this time I was extremely irritated as it was clear she was not taking this seriously. 

After waiting an hour and 10 minutes Nyane finally arrived. I purposely acted as if things were okay as I did not want to cause a tension for the shoot. When I went to take off her make up it became apparent how much she was wearing. I had previously asked her to come with minimal or no make up, no nail varnish and to bring a strapless bra. She not taken note of any of these things. 

I had to spend the next 10 minutes removing her make up which delayed the shoot even further. Luckily the make up design was quite simple and did not take too long to apply. 
When it came to styling her hair she had clip in extensions which she did not want to remove. This meant that I had to recreate a look which I had not planned for. I was able to adapt by clipping the extra hair out of the way. The hair was also a different colour to what was explained on ModelMayhem. It was not copper but instead peach, I was still able to work with this colour and just adjust the colours in Photoshop. 

When the adjusted design was finished, the look was pleasing and when she was in front of the camera Nyane was able to transform to create striking images. Magdalena was able to achieve the desired looks fairly quickly which was lucky as Nyane then announced that she would have to leave early. 

Overall the shoot did achieve some good images but it did not go to plan and I would not count it as a successful shoot. There were many issues with this shoot which did enforce changes in the original plans and ideas but I was able to find a way around and as a result showed my initiative to finding an appropriate solution. 

Magdalena was extremely pleased with the images which gave a little boost of confidence. 

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