trend 2 make-up and hair inspiration

I have found a range of images of hair and makeup images which I like, are inspirational and can relate to my trend of roundness.

I like the idea of placing a product onto the skin to show that makeup is not just your stereotypical products. The use of sequins and glitter is interesting as they are also rounded in shape, relating to the trend. By me using products like this it shows that I would be using my imagination in creating innovative designs. It would also showcase my make up skills. 

The idea of placing colour around the eye is so easily achievable but I want to create something new.  Placing colour under the eye like this image is appealing. The eye is seen as the main focus of the face, the inner of the circle, so why not draw attention to the surrounding area in order to showcase the feature.

Using pinks like these images is interesting. The colours relate to the trend and portray two different moods. The first look has much more intense colours and shows a stronger look. The second is more of a wash of colour and shows a softer feel. Both use long black eyelashes to set off the colour creating two striking looks. 

I like the shape of the eye shadow on the eyes of this model. Although the colours are not specific to the trend, the eye shadow has been applied in a rounded shape, something which was not considered when applying eye shadow. 
This image was selected because of the bold use of colour being used on the yes and within the hair. Although the image is clearly showing a pink theme it is not too much. I also like the idea of using circular earrings to back up the trend. 
I really like this image. It is very soft and delicate. It has been made to have this look in a number of different ways. The hair is very wispy and showing individual strands showing a delicate hair design. The make up is in very soft colour washes. The models is very fair and has soft facial features. And lastly with the bare skin on show and the soft face it creates an overall gentle look. 

These are a few other colour washes on the eyes in pastel tones which I liked the look of. They are simple but show a impact of colour in the look. 
I really love the simplicity of this make up. The focus is upon the clear skin and perfectly groomed eyebrows. I would like this to be the focus of one of my images. 

It would be interesting to use a darker skin tone and bring in a golden wash over their skin to create a sheer looking image. If I was to do this the rest of the makeup would need to be very simple. 

I like the idea of using a product such as sequins, glitter or paint on certain features of the face. If I was to do this, then the rest of the make up would need to be fairly simple so not to detract from the detailed feature. 

These are some hair designs which are inspirational to my trend:

The hair is very simple and clean cut in this look which is something which I like. I also like that the bun is in a rounded shape as it relates to the trend. 

These sculptured hair images provide inspiration for creating more elaborate hair designs. I like the idea of mixing up textures so that there is a slick and a frizzy element to the hair design. These images were selected for the 'puff ball' style hair but I also like lighting. They are quite shadowed but highlight the hair. 

The idea of using plaits around the head would symbolise unity and a softer rounded finish to the look. 

I really like the idea of again using sleek and flat and then also adding in volume into the hair.

THis image was selected for the rounded hat which acts as an accessory to the image. I had not contemplated using a hat within the designs as I thought it may detract from the hair and make up, but this image proves that it is not always the case. 

I like these images as they are slightly messy and tousled. They create a softer look and allows the consumer to recreate the image without having to worry about it being perfect.

These are two images of highly styled hair design. I would like to use some images with the focus to be on the hair rather than on the make up. 

I like these images as they show a range of different ways to create rounded styles. 

I really like this Chanel hair design as it is very simple but adds in a detail that is relate able to my trend. 

These were some other images which I thought were inspirational for different reasons:
Using accessories to speak the trend without having to use it within the hair and make up design. 
The Olympic rings as a element of the design. 
Using beads within the hair and not simply around the neck. 
Using jewellery to explain the trend
Adding over a glitter filter to fit in with the trend. 

I have also found more images from Iain Crawford which link in well with my rounded trend. These are a few:

I feel I now have some strong references for me to now go on and create my trend forecast and designs.

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