tutors feedback and getting it ready to print

I feel I am now ready to print the calendar. It has taken me some time to construct the calendar but I am happy with the layout and the balance between trend package and calendar. 

Before I go to the printers I feel it is important for me to show my tutors first to allow them to preview the product and give feedback on any elements I need to change. 

There has been a few parts of the outcome that they have suggested I change. 

Within the trend explanations there were a few sentences that needed rewording or certain spellings changed. This was not a big problem and I am very pleased that they were able to pick up on it for me.  On the third trend explanation it was suggested to revisit and look up the website 'notes on meta modernism' (http://www.metamodernism.com/). This way my trend would have a stronger meaning and look well researched. 

Whilst going through the pages and viewing the images, they mentioned a few issues with some of the images. 

The first image which they addressed was the one of Steph. They commented that it had been poorly edited as the skin was so airbrushed and looked patchy in places and the contouring of the cheekbone had been made to look 'muddy'. I agreed with what they were saying and decided that I would have to re touch the image. As I was going to address these issues I thought I may as well correct other parts of the image which I do not like. I do not like the way Magdalena has edited the hair. It has been blurred out at the edges and now looks highly edited. I want to create a more natural finish so I will also address this. I decided to use a blue wash over the image to link it back to the mood board. The mood board is very blue and I want to portray this in my image. 

This is what I have been able to achieve:

Magdalena's edit-                                          my edit-

I am pleased with the results and feel I have done a good job. I feel that this image demonstrates my Photoshop skills and ability to take advice from lecturers feedback. I am mostly impressed with the way I have corrected the hair. I feel it looks a lot neater and crisper, giving a more natural finish. 

They also asked if I would be able to revisit the image of Caroline and extend her neck slightly as it looks a little short. This was something I had not noticed but thought I would correct anyway. I have done it very slightly so it still looks natural. I was unsure on how to address this issue but after playing on Photoshop and carrying out trial and error way I feel I came up with a effective solution. 

Before-                                                            After-

Lastly they commented that they did not like the way the hair in the image of Elesha (image below) had been retouched. It looked highly unnatural and the the parting just disappeared into a blur. I totally agree with what they have picked up on and feel I need to correct this. Luckily I have the original file of this image so I can work on it to create a better finish. 

It has taken me some time but I am extremely happy with the results. I feel this image strongly shows my Photoshop skills and has improved the image. It is very satisfying knowing that I have managed to create a better finish on an image compared to someone who works in industry. it makes me more confident in knowing that I would be able to re-touch images to a high standard when working in industry. 

Before-                                                                After-

The lecturers were happy with the calendar and asked to see my blog. When pulling up the pages I mentioned that I really like the mood boards but they do not fit in the calendar. They strongly suggested that I do include them as it would add to the trend element of the calendar and back up each image. They thought it would be very important and as the quality of the mood boards was high it would help improve the project. I mentioned I would not know where to put them and they have now suggested that I feature them on the back of the page above. This also meant that I needed to re design my trend pages to fit in the mood board. It also changes the way the calendar can be hung up. The calendar is going to need to be whole punched at the bottom of the page in order for the calendar to be hung showing the image and the mood board. I intend to keep the option of a hooped ring bound so there is a choice of how the consumer wants to hang the calendar up. By hanging it up with the mood boards on show is going to double the space on the wall so I think having an option is important. 

This now means that the cost of each calendar is going to be increased as there is now nearly double the amount of pages but I feel it is important to do this to improve the outcome. 

After making the amendments and reconstructing the calendar I have returned to show them the work. 

They are pleased with the results and feel the mood boards do benefit and link in with the images. The only image which was slightly weaker when linking to the mood board was the image of Meg. They commented that there was no green within the image like in the mood board. Maybe address the image as the mood board is so strong. Other than this they felt everything was okay to print. This was very satisfying, knowing that I had their approval. I feel I have communicated with the lecturers well throughout the project and shown that I am responsible for independent learning. 

I have now got back in contact with the printers I intend to use and sent over a test file to ensure that the file is going to be able to open on their computers. As I am going to be travelling back from Southampton to Birmingham, I cannot afford to get there and the file not work, so I felt this was very important to do. I also checked that they are going to be able to print in the time slot that I need and they confirmed. I feel that I have shown my initiative and shown responsibility for my independent learning when contacting and trying out the file as it proves I am thinking ahead and showing ways of avoiding a problem. 

Thursday 18th April: I have still not had a conformation email from the printers clarifying that they have received my file and been able to open it.  So I have decided to ring them and check. Whilst on the phone I asked what to do with the bleed on the pages and they explained how to do it, very helpful! They told me they had received the email and that the file did open fine. I was confident with them and that they would be able to do what I wanted as they knew what they were talking about. 

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