trend 3 relating to hair and makeup

I have found some make-up and hair images which I like which I feel links back to my trend. I want to draw upon the idea that things things have been destroyed and destructed. Make-up and hair that once looked neat but now it has been destroyed or has been done incorrectly. These are some images which offer inspiration into the looks. 

This image instantly reminded me of fire and the flames which might have been seen at the London riots. It also looks like the eye shadow has been applied over board so that the person was careless however it is honed back to being refined by having a carefully applied lip.I like the colours in this make-up design. The oranges would work within the trend I am creating. 

I selected this image for the hair. The hair looks as if it has been messed up and possibly got wet by the rain. The hair looks as if it has not been placed but splattered to the face in an unpredictable manner. I would like to use a dishevelled or destroyed hair design within the calendar. 

There are several elements to this image in which I like. Firstly the way the hair looks like it has been messed up. It could quite possibly been tied back neatly in a bun, but as the day has gone on it is starting to fall loose and this is something which traditionally we do not want happening. I also like the colours within the image, the burnt orange/bronze which is painted contrasts the pale white skin of the model. Lastly I like the way the paint has been applied, it purposely looks sloppy and gives an unrefined look. 

I went on to look at orange make-up. I strongly believe that the orange works well against a pale complexion. 

I love this make-up design! The way the colour has been applied to the eyebrows instead of the eyelids could be considered as a mistake. The darker tone has been applied to the eyelids. Often eyebrows are darkened not lightened and there is often the mistake that people pencil in the wrong colour eyebrows. I like how the rest of the make-up has been left natural so all focus is upon the eyes. The brown eyes really stand out against the dark lid and orange brow. This is something I will consider when selecting my models. 

This image reminded me of the graffiti which has been referenced in the previous blog entry. The colours have been overlapped and put together in an unpredictable way. I also like the hair style of this model. The way it is sleek at the sides but then extremely messy on-top of her head. 

I then went back to looking at using alternative colours on the face. I came across this Illamasqua image. I like the idea of making the eyebrows lighter rather than darker as this is something which is not usually done, done to make a statement. A rebel to stereotypical beautiful make-up. 

I really liked the colours in the Illamasqua image so looked into turquoise make-up and I found this. I love the 'pop' of colour and the rest of the make-up left natural.  

The colours of the overall image initially drew me to this. I also like the way her hair looks wet but her make-up is still untouched. 

This image clearly shows that the make-up has been destroyed. I like the smudged lip.

 Again this image was selected due to its smudged lip. I like the way half of the lip has been neatly applied and then the side has been smudged out of line. 
This image was selected for the eye-liner. Although it has been neatly applied, it looks as though it has not been applied in the correct way. It is an exaggeration of a top lid liner which traditionally would be applied near the lash line. I would like to break the traditions of make-up for this trend!

I like this grungy style and feel it would relate to my trend. The hair in this image looks greasy and untamed, something which is not traditionally wanted. People seek for their hair to look clean and brushed. The image reminds me of 1990's grunge. 

This was another image which was selected because of the hair. It looks back combed and messy but in a styled way. The hair has lots of texture and contrasts well with the sleekness of the rest of the make-up The dark lip adds to the grungy look along with the lighting. 

 This is another image selected because of the smudged lip. I like the way everything else in the image is so clean cut and neat as it really makes the lips stand out and make it look like a mistake. As it has been highly smudged it is clear that this is the make-up artists intention. I need to be careful with creating this idea. If I am creating a smudged lip, it needs to look intentional. 
The messy plaits within this image add to the dishevelled them I am looking for As I have already used plaits within one of my designs in the calendar, I do not want to repeat this. I also like the way that colour has been ran through the hair. The colour looks like that is the dyed colour and it has grown out to show her brown roots. Roots are also something that women are conscious about having and looked upon as un-tastily. 

I liked the idea of using the roots in the hair to showcase the breaking traditions idea. I came across this image and really like the way the colours have been swapped so the colour of the roots is the unnatural and the colour of the natural hair is at the bottom. I also like the contrast between the orange and the dark hair. If I was to decide to use this idea I would want to use a model with dark hair. 

This last image looks as if the make-up artist has slipped with her make-up brush and created this error. 

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