planning shoot for last two looks

For the last two images and the re-shooting image, I need to find a new photographer. As Magdalena was so good at photography my standards are high to find another one. They also need to have a similar style to what has already been shot. I do not want to ask around or even do the images myself. Even though I have learnt a lot from the photography sessions over the past three years I would prefer to use someone who specialises in photography and knows exactly what they are doing and if I showed them an image they would know how to recreate it. I decided to look back at Model Mayhem and see who was working in the Southampton area during Easter. I have found one photographer who's work I really like and she looks to focus upon fashion and beauty. She is also a fashion photography student at the same university as me making it extremely useful for her knowing the studios. I am a little wary about using another student as I know from past experience that they are not always as good as those in industry. When mentioning it to a friend she recommended to use this photographer and said her work is amazing but she is very busy and you may not get the chance to shoot with her. I decided to ask anyway. 

After a few emails back and forth the photographer (Lulu Mcardle) confirmed that she would be happy to work with me as it sounds an interesting concept. She also mentioned that she would be able to shoot next week and if I was free I could use the slot she had booked in the studio on Thursday. I have accepted and now got the challenge of finding models. As Lulu has booked a long session in the studio I am going to and do the two looks as well as re shooting the other look. 

These are some of Lulu's images which she has up on Model Mayhem. I really like her style as all of her images are very clean cut and she seems to know what lighting works best. 

My biggest task now is to find models, during the Easter holidays, local, within budget and during the day. I have always tried to aim to shoot of an evening as models are usually more likely to be available. As I only had 3 looks to do and each one had a model specification I know it is going to be a challenge. Luckily I have a week to scout them and I feel a lot more confident in being able to carry it out.

Tuesday 27th March: By Sunday (25th March) evening I had managed to find myself a model for my re-shoot. She was found through Model Mayhem and lives not far away. I had confirmed with her and given her all the details for the shoot on Thursday. I contacted her again yesterday through email and had no reply and I have contacted her again today and still heard nothing. I am presuming that she has changed her mind. I do not want to use a model who is going to be unreliable so I have decided to continue my search for finding a model to re-shoot the May look. 

I have however managed to source models for the last two looks of my third trend. The first is Elle Richie. 

As Elle's hair is a ginger/reddy tone it would work well within my trend. I feel her look would match the grungy look I am going for with the orange eyebrows and smoky eyes. I have decided to use her as I have been looking through her images on Model Mayhem and smoky eyes have been used a lot and she pulls it off. I think because she has quite a 'pretty' face with small features, a grungy look would work well as a contrast. She is also a full time model so feel confident that she would be able to achieve the look I am after. I have been emailing her back and forth and found out she is trying to build her beauty portfolio so is happy to work on a TFP basis as long as her travel is covered. As she lives not too far away I am happy to do this. 

The other model which I have managed to find is called Lydia Taylor. I had been in contact with her prior to this shoot and have been wanting to work with her for ages but each others diaries have always clashed. She is also quite expensive and wants £70 for her time and travel. She has a really strong face with defined cheekbones and a strong jaw. She would be ideal for my September looks as she also has blonde hair. Although she is on ModelMayhem she is part of a modelling agency so she had to be careful with accepting the shoot. As we were communicating we came to the agreement that she would do the shoot as long as I would notify her if the images were to be published and that I would not put them online. 

Wednesday 28th March: I have been unable to find a model to re-shoot my May look so I am going to have to leave it for Thursday and think about booking another studio for the following week. 

I have also been asked to do a photo shoot with some fashion students on Friday. They have not informed me of what look they are wanting me to create but the model they have shown me who they are using would be ideal for my May look. They have booked the studio all day so I am hoping that if there is some time left at the end of the day I will be able to do the look I need. 

This is the model they would be using: Her name is Caroline Raymond. 

She would be ideal for the May look as she is blonde and has very small soft features. The look I want to create is going to be a lot more natural compared to what I did before so I need the model to have good skin and fair features. 

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