waiting for edits and planning 6th shoot

In order to have the option with the jewellery I decided to get one with the earrings and a few with the necklace. As Magdalena was only happy to edit two images per model it meant that I was restricted to having four images altogether. As she had already uploaded some edited images that she selected to her Facebook I decided to have three images of Steph selected and one from the shoot with Laura.

Magdalena was extremely quick with getting the images back to myself once I had requested which ones I wanted and how I wanted them to be done.

These were the edits that she provided me with:

I already had preview of what the images of Stephanie looked like from what was on Magdalena's Facebook. This was the image which she uploaded for herself. It is not a relevant image to what I want to use within my calendar.

For my edits Magdalena gave me the option of having the edits with the glitter effect over the top of them. Although this is a nice effect I want the images to be simplistic and have the image as the main focus so I will not be using any images with this affect on.

Overall I am happy with the images and she has done a good job. My only query is the editing. The skin has been airbrushed so much that all texture has gone from the skin. I like the way she has intensified the blue underneath the eye as it makes the image stand out and is extremely successful. I think that the blue really makes the brown eyes really striking in the image. I am not so pleased with the way she has edited the hair. She has blurred out the edges of it to make it look more rounded in shape but this has lost the definition to the design. My other concern with the image is that when the image is blown up bigger the lips look dry. This is an issue which has been seen before. I think I have now learnt to not use the certain lipstick as it does not photograph well.

I believe that the image links into my trend and mood board strongly. The colours within the mood board are the exact ones in the colours of the eye shadow. The hair is very rounded in shape and acts as like a halo to the light mood of the trend. I believe the pose and expression of the model also backs this. I feel that the beads in the images work better than the earrings. If the hair was not such a styled classic look then I think the earrings would have worked better but because it is all very sleek, the earrings are too much. The beads relate to the London eye and the rows of circles within my trend making it a stronger connection compared to the earrings.

I am glad that I had some alternatives on the jewellery as it allowed some choice. I feel that because I was well planned the shoot ran smoothly and some strong images were achieved. I felt like I had plenty of time to achieve the look and we were able to get many images allowing more selection of images.

There is very little that I need to change with this image. In order to relate stronger to my trend and mood board I have decided to put a blue filter over the image.

I feel that this image has demonstrated what I am able to achieve with my design and make-up skills. It shows that I am able to style the hair and make-up as well as showing in the calendar that I can do natural hair styles and highly styled up-do's.

I have also received the image of Laura. I knew the sorts of image I would be receiving as Magdalena had already edited some images and put them up on her Facebook

This was the images that she edited for myself and sent over:

Magdalena also gave me the option to use the same image with a glitter filter over the top

I am pleased with the image but it is a shame that the edges of the hoops of hair have been cut off. I feel that the image would have looked more complete if the whole of the hair was captured. I am pleased that selected a front on view as it has allowed the hair to be showcased and does not distort the shape of the hoops.I think that the pose also works well as it is a perfectly symmetrical image. By the hands being at slightly different heights allows the image to not look odd from being too symmetrical. It is also a shame that the model is not perfectly framed. 

I am pleased that the skin does not look so heavily air brushed on this image as it looks more natural. I am also pleased that the nails were painted for this image as the hands are involved and the nails fit in with the colour scheme of the trend and mood board. I am also pleased that I used a black eye shadow in the socket of the eyes as it has added some depth to the make-up. and not made it look so flat. I believe that the erasing out the eyebrows was successful in this image as it has allowed the gold to go on smoothly and make it appear that the model did not have any eyebrows. 

Learning an effective way to block out the eyebrows was learnt from the Alex Box demonstration. Although I already knew how to do the technique, watching Alex do it showed a much simpler way of doing it with a toothbrush and flat brush. I put to use the technique and feel it has worked much better than the previous technique.

I feel this is one of the strongest images which relate to my second trend so far. The hair clearly represents the roundedness and 'circle of life' theme I am relating too. It also is very similar to the Olympic rings which are discussed within the trend. The images used within the trend mood board clearly relate to the final outcome as they are all very similar. 

I am pleased with how the image has turned out as it proves that I am able to achieve complicated hair designs. As with the other image, I think if I was not prepared then the image would have turned out totally different, and weaker. By creating the hair piece for this image before hand it saved me a lot of time and work. 

When going to a tutorial to show my images I explained to the tutor that I was happy with the image but I would have liked to have had all of the hair included. They told me that I would be able to recreate this look by using Photoshop. As I did not know how to do this they showed me and I have gone away and edited the image to create this look. I have also made the model in the centre of the image to add to the symmetrical look. 

This is what I have now managed to create. I am extremely pleased with the results and will be using this image in my calendar. I am pleased with the way I have been able to achieve this, feel my Photoshop skills have now advanced and I have now shown excellent efficiently utilised IT systems and software appropriate to the disciplining.  

Although this hair look which is unlikely to be recreated by the consumer it will hopefully give them inspiration with their own hair, whether this is by using plaits, dying their hair an auburn colour or by styling their hair in a complicated up-do. 

The design has made me feel a lot more confident with styling hair. Without preparation this would have been a lot of work. In future I will contemplate whether the hair needs to be styled on the day or can a hair piece be a created. I understand this is probably what happens when in industry and time is limited to carry out a photography shoot. I had not previously used products other than hair products and accessories in the hair but it now opens up my eyes to the fact that anything can be used. 

From carrying out this shoot I believe I have met most of the learning outcomes, especially '
'Employ appropriate materials, techniques and methods in relation to styling as a discipline, with skill and imagination, whilst observing good working practices.'

When visiting the tutors I not only showed them my images but also mentioned the fact that I was finding it harder and harder to source models. I commented that I had contacted the Bournemouth agency which was previously explained and had no feedback. They advised me on other agencies to contact within London. I took notes and when later getting home I gave a telephone to them as this way I knew that I would be able to get an answer. A few that I spoke to commented that they were unable to help me. The other was very helpful and got me to send over an email of what I was after. As soon as I mentioned that I was wanting to carry out the photography shoots within Southampton, this was where the problem arose. They commented that they were only willing to test within London so were unable to help me. This gave me little hope for contacting other agencies. 

Friday 16th March: I have found it extremely difficult this week to try and book photography studios for the following week. I think that most people have realised they now need to shoot and have gone excessive with booking studios. Whenever I have previously booked a studio I have not had a problem but they always get fully booked. On the day of the shoot I have been one of the only people down in the studios, proving that people book them and don't turn up. This is extremely frustrating as there has been times where I have wanted to use a certain studio to work in but it has already been booked. As a result of the studios being so booked up I have had to change the day of the shoot to a Wednesday (21st). I was lucky in the fact I was able to get a studio but I was not able to pick which one I wanted. 

I am finding the search for models really challenging as I only able to shoot during the week it  limits who is available. As I also have a limited budget it restricts who I can ask. I have found that my limit for model fees is starting to stretch in order to find models. 
I have been able to find two models for the shoot on Wednesday but the one is costing me £70.00 due to her having to travel from Watford and she wants to be paid for the shoot. I do not want to be paying this much for models but feel I am having too. 
The other model I have been very lucky with as she approached me through Model Mayhem as she was interested in working with me and wanted to build her portfolio. This allowed her to be on a 'TFP' basis which balanced out the cost of the two models. 

The two models which I have found are Elizabeth Day and Marie Osman. 

Elizabeth Day :
As I had so far not used a blonde model within my calendar I thought it was the next model to source. As the look was in pink tones I thought I would be able to work it through the blonde hair as well. 

Marie Osman: 
I am pleased Marie Contacted me as it allows me to use another darker skinned model within the calendar. I have been emailing her quite a lot and she has notified me that she has a weave but it needs re-doing. I thought that this may be a problem and it may give me the opportunity to use a wig. This will also showcase my wig skills. I did not want to use a wig which is going to look like I am just covering up the models own hair or make it look realistic. If I was going to be using a wig I wanted it to make a statement. I also needed it to fit in with my trend. As the trend has very light colours I thought I would find a wig that is light in colour (either blonde or one of the key colours). 

Whilst discussing this with a friend, they informed me that they have a pale pink wig cut into a bob and a blonde one. I took both and came up with the make-up design. I decided on using the pink wig as it was more unusual and would fit perfectly within my trend. I felt it would also highlight the darker skin tone in contrast to the pale wig. As the wig was going to create a statement in the look I felt it was important to not over dramatise the make-up. I needed to link the look back to the trend so I stuck with using pinks within the design. 

I realised that I did not have a strong enough pink for the look I would be doing next so I had to go out and buy a strong pigment palette of pinks. From previous experience I have found that pinks are not always that intense on darker skins, so in order for them to be bright the pigment needs to be high. 

Monday 19th March: As it is the last week before Easter, I would really like to get one more shoot in before we break up. This would then mean that I only have to worry about carrying out one more photo shoot. I was also aware that Magdalena was only available during an evening . This made would make it very difficult to find time to shoot with her and as I was wanting to have finished shooting by the end of Easter it would mean having to find another photographer. 
I really did not want to do this as it meant risking my last two images of the calendar. I did not know another photographer and I was aware that I could find one but they may not produce very good images. I knew that working with Magdalena has been challenging as finding a balance with what she wants and what I need has had to been discussed and compromised. 

I have booked another studio for the Friday 23rd March. As it is the last day before the Easter Holidays there has been plenty of slots left available. I have booked the larger studio as it worked well previously. 

I am aware that this shoot will be for my next trend forecast and I have not come up with an idea as to what it may be. Before I can scout models I need to decide on my third trend! I do not have much time and I do not want to rush the forecast so it looks like it is going to be a busy week researching and documenting. 

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