planning shoot 7

As I have such little time to organise this shoot, the pressure is on. 
I have found it hard to source appropriate models for this shoot seen as it is such short notice. As I planned all four looks I have the option to get models for any of the looks, helping slightly.

It is the day before the shoot and I have only just found suitable models! I was very near to cancelling the shoot as I did not want to compromise models just so I could get some images.  

The first model I have managed to book is Katie Star : 

As she was blonde it means that she could be used for one of two looks I am planning to carry out. As she has quite long hair I think I would like to carry out the last mood board look as I can create a big messy style. Katie has requested that she does not work for 'TFP' so we have agreed on a price of £65.00

So far in the calendar I have no models with blonde hair so I am excited for this shoot as it will add another different looking model into it. 

The other model who I have managed to find is Elesha Eden: 

Elesha fits the exact specification what I was after for this trend. I have not got any models in my calendar who look like her so she is perfect for the calendar. As she is only 16 she has requested to bring her parent along with her to the shoot. This is not a problem. She has also requested that she fills out a Model Release form out. I have got a model release form that I have been using for the models. I was not aware that we needed to carry out model release forms prior to this project but I understand that they are important especially when working out in industry. 

As Elesha has such dark long hair I plan to use her for the look with orange roots. The orange will be able to stand out in a strong contrast to the deep hair tone. As she has such strong and striking eyes and eyebrows I want to keep her make-up quite simple and use the wrongly positioned eye-liner. 

Now I have the models, I need to go shopping to get certain products such as orange oil paint. I want the orange to really stand out and I do not think that make-up will be able to show up strong enough on her dark hair. I have used oil paints in my hair before so I am confident that it will not stain the hair and will wash out easily. In order to ensure this I am going to buy the same brand of paint. 
I also want to incorporate jewellery into these looks. As the trend is quite hard and strong I want to use jewellery that is chunky and unfeminine. I like the idea of using metal chains as they will reflect the tough stubborn mood. The chains will need to be in dull gold to work with the orange and reds in the images. 

The jewellery will be sourced from the high street so that consumers can see that they would be able recreate the looks and get similar styled jewellery. 

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