7th shoot

When arriving to set up there was someone else using my booked studio. I was not willing to change studios as I had worked in this studio before and know that it was a good sized room. The people in there had already set up the lighting and got the right back drops. They assured me that they were nearly done so I let them carry on while I laid out my make-up and brushes. By the time I was set up they were finished and said they would leave out the lights for me to use. This was helpful as my model had arrived and it meant that I could get straight into the make-up application. The look went according to plan and just as I was finishing up the look my second model arrived with her mother. 

While they were waiting I got them to complete the model release forms. Not long after this Magdalena arrived. Again she was not in the best of moods and was quite snappy. When I showed her what I wanted from the shoot she really wanted to use a black backdrop. Although the look was darker it was important to keep the looks in the same style of my other images in the calendar. As a compromise I said if she wanted to use the black drop at the end of the shoot, she could and use them in her portfolio. 

By the time Magdalena had finished shooting with Katie, Elesha was ready, which worked well. 

The shoot with Elesha seemed very rushed. I got the impression that Magdalena did not want to be there. She swapped the background and appeared to get lots more images using the black backdrop. At the end of the shoot she gave me her the images from her memory card, quickly packed up and left. I knew it was the last time I would be working with her on this project and was wanting to say say bye and thank you properly but did not get the chance as she was so keen to get off. She did comment that she would be in contact. This was a little unexpected and did not finish off the shoot on a positive note. 

When getting home from the shoot and going through the images properly it became clear that Magdalena had done most of the strongest images against the black backdrop making the best images unusable. This was a little frustrating but I was still able to choose from some others. I emailed over the chosen images immediately to allow Magdalena to have the chance to start editing straight away. 

Overall the shoot with both models went smoothly. Both models turned up on the planned time and the make-up and hair design turned out as planned. My only improvement would be to not have been to give more instruction during the shoot so that more images were captured using the white backdrop.

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