waiting for edits and planning 5th shoot

It took me a few days to select two images of Toni to edit due to other commitments.I feel I have now managed to balance working on this project and carrying out other commitments. 

I have now sent off the images I would like. There were so many images that I liked it was very difficult to choose but with the help of the Tutorials, they helped to advise which would be best.

I have now had the edits back from Magdalena and I am pleased with the results. She has also edited some of the images for herself and uploaded them on the internet for me to see.

These were the images which were edited for me:

 Magdalena knew what my trend consisted of due to me communicating my ideas and showing her my mood boards so she has decided to add a glitter effect over the images as another alternative for me. I do like the effect but I feel it detracts slightly from the images so I have decided to not use them within my calendar.

These were the images which were edited for her:

I like the images which have been done for her portfolio so I have requested for them to be sent over to me so I have more options to choose from in my calendar. I think this image relates to the consumer because they too will be able to recreate these looks. They are also attractive image in which the consumer will hopefully like and enjoy having up on their wall for a month. The look clearly references the trend and links back to the mood boards, something which the consumer will be able to see. This will then make the trend forecast more feasible and likely to be believed as fashion authoritative.

There are several elements to these images which I feel work well. I am happy with the way the image portrays a very soft and content mood, this is something which was wanted and has been achieved. I was not expecting to have such harsh shadows in the image but i feel it adds to the image and creates some variation to the images. The shadows also relate to the season that it is representing. As the lighting is a lot harsher during the summer months, shadowing is increased and I believe my image show this. I am also pleased with the simplicity of the image. The hair and makeup is kept very simple but is still able to show some variety to the calendar and showcase my makeup and hair skills.

I am not so happy with how the lips look in the images. The image is so crisp that it shows all the detail in the lips. They look dry and a little flakey. I believe this is due to the lipstick which was applied. It was a matt lipstick and almost dried the lips out further. If I was to change the image and do it again I would have prepped the lips better and added a slight gloss over the top of the lipstick. So that this was not so noticable in the images, once I got the images back from Magdalena I opened up the images in Photoshop and smoothed them out using the 'Gaussian Blur' tool.

I am also not so happy with the colour of the nail varnish. I had intended on using a pale pink/ purple nail varnish but it was forgotten to be applied when styling Toni. As she already has nail varnish on in a pale yellow colour it does not stand out as being odd but they were not as I intended and do not fit in with my trend. I did try to change the colour of the nails in Photoshop but I did not think it looked effective once done, so I have decided to leave the nails as they are.

The part of the image which I like the most is the hair. I feel it has worked very well in creating a softer look and the waves link back well to the trend. As the model had very short hair there were limitations as to how much it could be styled. I feel I have been able to mould the hair into a style which is creative and fits in well with the makeup. 

The images link in well with my trend as the overall colouring fits the colour scheme, the image also submits the correct mood and feel of the look, and also the hair and makeup design link to the roundness and circles part of the trend.

With relation to how the images link to the mood board I think it mainly corresponds. I think that the image is a little more pink than intended but it still fits in with my trend. The sequins were applied to the eyes and the hair design is similar to how it was portrayed in the mood board.

Overall I am very happy with the results from the shoot. I am very pleased that I was able to convince Toni to shoot with me as I think her face fits in well with the calendar as well as the look. I think that consumers will be able to relate to her face as she is attractive but still 'girl next door'. There were no alterations to the shoot and everything wanted to be achieved, was (except the nails). I believe that this was due to my good time management and organisation. Without testing the larger sequins could have been used and not worked as well. I feel that I have addressed the ' Uses appropriate materials and production processes relevant to the styling, makeup and hair design industry' as I have ensured that all working practises and design were carried out professionally, the images are exactly what I wanted and I felt the shoot went smoothly. 

Magdalena informed me that she is going to be working away for the next few days so is going to be unavailable to shoot on the following Tuesday, however she did say towards the end of the week she would be free. I have decided to make an amendment to the shoots schedule and try to get two models to shoot for the Thursday evening. With the number of looks becoming smaller, the specification for models is becoming tighter. By having a few extra days it is going to allow me extra time to find models as well as decide on a look and practice it.

Tuesday 13th March:

I have been able to find two models available to shoot on Thursday. As I will be using two models I have allowed myself an extra hour to plan and prepare and get the first model in. I do not want the shoot to be as stressful as my first due to me feeling rushed for time.

I have notified my photographer of the models I am intending to use and confirmed the shoot. She also notified me that she had planned to work with one of the models before but due to illness she had to cancel. This has given me some reassurance that Magdalena is happy with my model selection.

The first model that I intend to use is Laura Jane Brockbank. Although she was found on Model Mayhem she was recommended by a friend that she was a good model. Laura is willing to work on a 'TFP' basis which is helpful to keeping my budget down.

Laura's look would be ideal for creating the design with the hair in rings as she has long hair which allows me to play around with the styling. She also has a very pale, flawless complexion with auburn hair which is not featured within my calendar as of yet.

The other model I intend to use is Stephanie Tanner.

I feel Stephanie has a very striking face, with strong cheekbones and good skin I think she would be appropriate to my calendar. I have so far not used a model with brunette hair and brown eyes. I feel her face would work well with the blue look within my second trend. Blue can really bring out the brown in peoples eyes. She also has quite long hair so I would be able to be more creative with her hair design. From these images it is clear that Stephanie has a versatile face as she is able to do both natural and intense, darker looks. Stephanie is the model which Magdalena wanted to work with previously.

For constructing the looks there was a lot of preparation needed. Especially for Laura's look. I need to construct the hoops which are going to act as a frame to wrap the hair around.

Wednesday 14th March: I asked my Dad to supply me with some flexible wire which would be used as the hoops in Laura's hair. He has got me some and I have cut and bent it into five different circles.

I have tried to practise the hair on a friends head but I have come across a problem. I have realised that 1. the hoops which are interlinking are quite heavy due to the thickness and amount of wire and 2. the hair does not wrap around the hoops well enough to cover the wire. This is because there is not enough hair. This is something that I do not want to happen when I am styling Laura's hair.  I have come to the conclusion that I need to buy extra hair and thread it through and around the wire and once this has been done then wrap Laura's hair around the structure to help it stay up. It is important that I buy hair that is going to match Laura's hair colour so that it looks like her hair.

Before setting out to buy hair I have evaluated everything that I am going to need to buy for the shoot. I have decided to use gold eyelashes on Laura as it will add to the gold intensity and look like the entire eye has been painted. This means that I need to buy false eyelashes, and gold paint. I also need to buy products for Stephanie's styling. I am going to use jewellery to add to this look as I have not included it in the recent shoots. I am unsure of the exact style of jewellery but I feel that beads would link back to the mood board I have created. There is a picture of the London eye and this is like a string of beads.
I also want to create a sculpted hair in Stephanie's look. I have not created a hair style up as of yet so I feel it is important to do this. I need to ensure that it is in-keeping with my trend so I want to create a rounded up-do. To create this I have decided to add volume by using a hair piece. I need to go and purchase the stockings and tissue to create the hair piece.

I have now created Stephanie's hair piece and tested it on my own hair. It has taken myself hours to create Laura's hairpiece but I feel confident with how it has turned out. The only part of the design which is making me feel nervous is the fact that the hair colour is wrong. it is also quite unstable so it is going to be important to wrap and grip Laura's hair firmly around it to stop it from falling forward or back. I feel this is one of my most innovative hair designs so far and it will hopefully be able to showcase my skills as well as proving how the design links back to my trend and mood board. I believe I have definitely set a challenging objective which shows my initiative. 

Budget for this shoot:

Fake hair £2.99 and £3.99
Metal wire Free
Tights £1.99
Accessories £14.00
Soap £1.00
Face wipes £1.00
Hair bobbles £3.00

Model cost £20.00

Overall cost: £47.97

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