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It is time to get serious! I am at the stage where I am starting my final major project and it seems to be a little daunting. I have already created a Tumblr account which is documenting all images and research which I believe is helping me to decide on my designs and overall images. The link is .Although working on the Tumblr I am able to document my ideas, I have realised that I want to create a blog to help explain my ideas, thoughts, problems, and journey through out the project. So here it is!

The Plan
I am aiming to create a paper based trend forecasting calendar for 2014 aimed directly towards attracting the fashion conscious consumer. The calendar will consist of images that will be predict the hair and make up as well as fashion styles throughout the year. My initial plan was to create two trend forecasts for the calendar, a S/S 2014 and a A/W 2014. However, I have now seen a problem, what images will I create for the months January-March? Another issue I have noticed is that the A/W forecast will go on into 2015. So I have now reviewed the project and I aim to now be creating 5 trend forecasts.Although this sounds a lot I will only be creating one look for each month. I will create a trend forecast for:

Winter 2013- January, February,
Spring 2014- March, April and May
Summer 2014- June, July, and August
Autumn 2014- September, October and November
Winter 2014- December

By doing this I will cover all the months within the 2014 calendar, and I will also be ensuring that consumer is on trend for every month of the season. The 5th trend report will only be for one month as it can then continue into 2015. Where it would be possible to create another for the following year, showing potential for future opportunities. Although trend forecasts for the fashion industry are normally catered towards two seasons, it is on going, where as I am creating a one off year of forecasts. 

I want the calendar to be accessible to the public to purchase in shops such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters as I want it directed to the people who want to keep on the edge of the newest fashion and trends. I believe that if it was to be sold in shops such as these then the right market would be attracted to it, rather than in a retailer such as WHSmith's, where my target market may not visit. The calendar will be a specialist calendar (something which is not already on the market and not your average wall calendar). It will also appeal to people within the fashion and beauty industry as they will be able to fully understand the planning and work that has gone into the trend forecasts as well as the consideration and detail of each image created. 

The trends
The trends will be formed from reviewing what are the current trends up until what the trends are going to be till A/W 2013. I will also review previous trend forecasts and how they have been formed and evaluate how correct they were. Famous trend forecasters such as Fashion Snoops and WGSN will  be looked into and compare whether they have similar ideas for 2013 and 2014. I believe Fashion Snoops and WGSN provide trusted fashion authority, therefore I will draw upon their trend forecasts in order to create my own trend predictions. I aim to create trend forecasts that are directed at the UK, so research into what is going on in the UK as well as visiting the Fashion Capital London will be carried out in order to gain an overall view of the Country. The trend forecasts will be mainly created for the designs of hair and make up. However, I also aim to include a small section for each season on the on trend fashions. The small section will be seen as an inspiration column, it will include patterns, fabrics, colours, styles and silhouettes to follow for the season. Each trend will follow on from the previous so there is flow to the calendar. 

The Calendar
The calendar will consist of 12 photo shoots (January-December) with a short introduction into each trend on a page at the start of the new season. On the last page there will be a review of all the main images from each month together. Therefore the calendar will have this structure:
  • Page 1- Front cover
  • Page 2- Introduction into trend prediction for Winter 2013 (January and February)
  • Page 3- January month
  • Page 4- February month
  • Page 5- Introduction into trend prediction for Spring 2014 (March, April and May)
  • Page 6- March month
  • Page 7- April month
  • Page 8- May month
  • Page 9- Introduction into trend prediction for Summer 2014 (June, July and August)
  • Page 10- June month
  • Page 11- July month
  • Page 12- August month
  • Page 13- Introduction into trend prediction for Autumn 2014 (September, October and November)
  • Page 14- September month
  • Page 15- October month
  • Page 16- November month
  • Page 17- Introduction into trend prediction for Winter 2014 (December)
  • Page 18- December month
  • Page 19- All images and credits to who I have worked with
  • Page 20- Back page
The design of the calendar will be an A3 paper calendar with the main close up image at the top of the page, to the right hand side will be other smaller images of the same shoot. Underneath the images will be a row of pantone shades which are appropriate to that particular month. Underneath will display the calendar month with key fashion dates within it. I want the calendar to have a clean simplistic look therefore I want the key colour on the page to be white. By me including the fashion dates within the calendar it informs the consumer of the fashion industry's important dates, making them feel like they can be involved and keep up to date with the latest fashion goings on.

I was initially planning to send the work off to get published by an online calendar publisher but I have realised that I am restricted to the design and layout and how many pages I have. Another issue I found was that the publishers did not offer to print for 2014 as it is too far in advance, therefore I have now decided to create the calendar myself. This will hopefully allow myself more time and able to spend money on other parts of the project. By me undertaking this task it proves that I am addressing the 'Display initiative and show responsibility for independent learning' learning outcome by taking on more work myself and not depending on an external business. 

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