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So by now I am starting my second week into the project and I feel like I haven't got as far as I would of liked. Research is definitely taking longer than expected and this is frustrating as I cannot plan my trend forecasts, delaying the design process even more.

Monday 30th January- I have received an email from ModelMayhem to confirm that my account had now been approved and I can use it to search for models. Knowing this I then immediately put out a casting call for models. 
I have also continued to research fashion trends and forecasts on the internet. I have looked on the WGSN website as well as a few of Fashion Snoops that had been posted onto the Mycourse website. I feel this is important to do as I will get a better idea of how to construct my own trend forecasts. As they are websites set for industry it is important for me to create similar work to prove that the outcome of the trends are industry standard and will show the consumer fashion authority. By me referencing these websites also proves that I am showing and understanding of trends from industry.

Tuesday 31st January- I've continued to read through the research on trend forecasts that I had already collected. I feel that I am starting to loose track of my production schedule for the project, so I have decided to construct a calendar of the next few months which I can put up onto my wall in my bedroom and can constantly relate to. I have wrote in when I needed to shoot and practise looks and estimated that I need to be carrying out about two photo shoots a week in order to stay on track. Although this is intense I believe as long as I am prepared then it can go well. If I do not keep track of this then as it is already happening, my time plan could start to slip. I understand that I need to make allowances to re-shoot and changes to any parts to the project but if I keep to shooting twice a week then I should leave myself plenty of time for these and time to edit the images.

It is clear that there are already changes to what the proposal stated. I also have decided to create this blog. Although I am documenting my work on a Tumblr I felt I was not explaining my thoughts and ideas fully behind the project. Now I have created the blog I feel a lot clearer with what I am doing and feel by writing a post every few days or so it helps me to keep on track.

Wednesday 1st February- I cannot believe that we are into February already ! Time is going so quickly and it has been a small wake up call to get my plans into gear and really get stuck into this project. As I have not heard much from the casting call I have decided to search for models within the Southern area of England who I think would be suitable to showcase my designs. I have found a few and ave decided to email them. 

By the time I had got home and checked my emails I had already got responses from a few. One model has declined the offer due to studying commitments, one model said she would be interested but would not be able to shoot until after 6 or of a weekend, which really doesn't make shooting possible as the photography studios are only open till 8. By the time the model would be able to get to the Uni it would be half 6 and if I was to spend and hour doing her hair and make up it would only allow half hour's worth of shooting before we had to pack up, proving there would just be not enough time. One model has responded to my casting call that I had put up. She told me she was interested and wanted to know some more information. After a few emails back and forth communicating what the project was about she confirmed she would be happy to collaborate and gave me some dates that she would be available. Her name is Angela and I feel her look would suit the calendar. She has a face I believe that the high street will be able to relate too, attractive features but not to model-esque!! Very natural and looks as though she would be able to get some poses in front on the camera.

Thursday 2nd February- This is the day that that my friend and I visited London, We got into London at around mid day and it was bitterly cold! Clear blue sky but I felt like an icicle and by the looks of it so did everyone else, they were wrapped up to their noses in coats scarves and hats.  We decided to get a tube ticket that allowed us to go anywhere around London as we had lots of areas that we wanted to visit. We started off by heading to Brick Lane to try and find some alternative looking styles and stores. It was so inspiring it was full of street art (or beautiful graffiti) and the smallest of things that caught my interest such as a smashed up window which created patterns of sharded glass. It was such a quirky place, vintage shops packed full of trinkets and goodies and the grimiest of streets   full of colourful art on the walls. It was fairly quiet along there but had some interesting styled people. We also visited Camden to see what was going on, this was a lot busier and I managed to gather some interesting ideas as to what might influence me on my trend forecasts. We then ventured into the centre of the city, it was soo busy! Definitely the buzz of the city. We went into a few of the shops along Oxford street and although it was six at night they were packed full of people shopping. The shops were blasting their music and had bright lights shining down on their garments. The shops were filled with items from past and present trends A/W and S/S. There was the golds, black and glitters as well as the pretty pinks, purples and mint greens of Spring. 

Time went so quickly in London, you get lost in the crowd and atmosphere that time just disappeared. It was definitely a help to my project and helped to plant some good strong ideas which I hope to bring to light further down the line. One thing that did surprise me was that London was so dirty! I felt caked in pollution by the time I got home! Probably from the streams of traffic that seemed to be wherever you there such thing as a quiet part of London...? By the time I got home and got into bed ideas were brimming in my mind I must of sat in my bed writing notes for about half an hour on ideas that I want to put to use. Very Productive day !! (Hope to add some photographs of London up soon!!)

I feel that it is important for me to reference my primary research in my trend forecasts as it shows that I have delved deeper into finding out what is on trend at present. When creating a trend forecasts i believe that primary research is the spark of the idea, secondary research can influence ideas but without the first hand knowledge the trend has no substance. I believe that I am starting to implement that I am following the stages in trend forecasting. 

Friday 3rd February- Friday has been spent in the Library typing up on here most of what I had been doing. I have also replied to a few other models that are possible candidates for the photo shoots as well...

Today I am currently sat in the library typing up what I have been doing. I really want to get cracking with the first trend forecast now. I am set to definitely be ready to shoot by next week so for the next few days I am going to be sat documenting my findings on the future seasons. I want to create a mood-board and small write up of the first trend for my calendar so that is my next port of call. Research, research, research !! I feel that it is important for me to do this as I can use it within my calendar and it gives me a strong background to work from for my designs. Through my research into trends in beauty and fashion it has made me realise that they are extremely influential on the public. If the trend is strong it can be seen on consumers for months after the season. It is not always the designers that create the trends which start off a fashion craze. Street style can also influence trends. Designers can be inspired by what is already been worn by the public and use it to create their own trends. This can be shown through research on my Tumblr account. I want to create a strong forecast so it is really important that I back up what I am saying thoroughly by referencing primary and secondary research as well as a reference to previous trends. 

Also as I have not heard back from the photographer who was recommended I have decided not to try to collaborate with him. As he has not responded it gives me the impression that he may not be reliable and I do not want to be let down by him when I am shooting. I feel this is very unprofessional of him as it now casts a bad impression and I would not like to work with him in the future. I believe it is important to have a good reputation especially within the fashion and beauty industry as people often cross paths. 

He is also based within the Midlands so travel would have to be paid each time I decided to shoot, an expense that would not like to be spent! I am happy with the student photographer that I have met up with and she seems to understand my ideas and plans for the project. She has also mentioned that she is happy to help edit with the final images which is a great help to me as although I am able to edit I am not 100 % confident and it takes me a long time to use Photoshop. 

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