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I thought it was about time I uploaded my pictures from London, I won't upload them all as there is loads but I  thought I should upload some that explain my trip and offer inspiration for my project.

Today I have been reading through all of my research on trends and reading some books that I got out from the library on fashion trend forecasting. The first book which is offering a guidance is very simple to read, interesting and informative. It is called 'Fashion Forecasting' by Kathryn McKelvey and Janine Munslow. I have found that I am more engaged with this book as it is not just pages of writing it is full of colour and pictures. The book talks about forecasters such as WGSN and Trendstop and how to create your own forecast making this a valuable source on how to create my project successfully. The other book that I have on loan is 'Fashion Forecasting third edition' by Evelyn L. Brannon. Although a 'chunky' book it is full of valuable information such as steps for fashion forecasting:


  1. Identify the basic fact about past trends and forecasts
  2. Determine the causes for change in the past
  3. Determine the differences between past forecasts and actual behaviour
  4. Determine the factors likely to affect trends in the future
  5. Apply forecasting tools and techniques, paying attention to issues of accuracy and reliability
  6. Follow the forecast continually to determine reasons of significant deviations from expectations 
  7. revise the forecast when necessary
By me following these steps it should stead me with solid, well research trend forecasts that would be suitable for use in industry. They would also be able to fully guide the consumer into following the trends. 

Anyway, I am going to continue with evaluating the trends and try to identify a pattern running through the past through seasons and what is going to happen in the near future. Once I have done this I am going to create my own forecast. Keep you posted, for now, the London pictures....

This was just some of the Street art that could be seen on the walls of London. I loved the way something creative could be created from some paint and put onto something that was originally 'ugly' or non de script and able to create something worth looking at. My favourite image is the picture of the deer. It is simple but yet really captures my attention. I love the colours of the background, this could of been from just graffiti underneath but it allows a pastel, two toned look to the sky. The colours are washed out but subtle so it does not detract from the deer but adds to the image. 

These are some of the buildings and architecture that I saw whilst in London. I like the brick pavements and roads as it is rare to see this nowadays and really adds a touch of uniqueness to the city.  Most of the buildings in London are dirty and run down looking with no colour. Exceptions to the dull looking building are the 1,2,3 building I saw in Brick Lane and the pillars and arches in Covent Gardens. The 1,2,3 building adds uniqueness to the lane and the arches and white pillars look grand and impressive. 

I didn't realise but bikes are everywhere in London! There always organised in rows but there is quite often a kink to the row with a broken bike or a defaulted one. There are the feminine ones with baskets on and the formal council one's to hire. All have a user with a different life and lifestyle. A bike holds many stories. One thing I did notice was that many were blue, not so sure why, maybe you fit in better if it is blue, any other colour is there to break the mould (trend)? I like the structure of rows and straight lines but the brokenness of the breakages and slouching ones. The roundness of the wheels adds a complementary alternative to the lines that appear quite often within the streets of London. 

Whilst in Camden we went to visit a small vintage shop, cannot remember the name now but it was so packed full of interesting finds such as these, I didn't know where to look. there was so many delicate items and sparkly jewellery in a variety of colours it added detail to the plain surfaces. I like the patriotic watch that was so casually hanging amongst other jewellery, it really stood out although it may possibly have not meant to. 

These are other little things that I saw and just captured my attention. I will start from the tiles. I love the colours of the pastels and aqua colours against the muted tones of the cement. The way they have been jumbled together to arrange this pretty array of colours poses as an inspiration for a colour swab within my trend. The next image down, the graffiti wall only caught my eye after looking through my camera. The dots of sunlight that beam the way into the picture reminded me of the bikes in rows. I also like the colours and arrangement of how they fade out into the picture. The next, the shattered glass. Although this is a common sight in today's society it just caught my eye, The way it has shattered and spread out like branches until it can reach no further adds interest. Its epicentre is so complex you have to look closer in order to see the detail. I also like the monochrome look of the Gothic dirty black and the newly fracture white to contrast it. This leads me onto the tree which is silhouetted against the clear blue sky. I think it has a similar look to the glass in that it fractures into all different directions and creates a complex web of lines. And lastly the boots! This shop had so many boots! boots of all different shapes, sizes and colours and I feel this image reflects the overall shade of tones within London city. Blacks, greys, navy's, browns and specks of colour such as sky blue.

Lastly I have to finish with a coffee and a strawberry cupcake. London was so cold that day that we had to pop into a coffee shop and warm up. Whilst flicking through my images i saw the bubbles on the coffee n thought that is quite interesting so thought I would take a quick snap of it. And then the cupcake was so carefully decorated I thought I should take a photo. Looking at it now its icing is very floral like as if it was built with pink petals, the case is the base of the flower head, and the darker pink confetti represent the pollen on the stamens. 

So that was my day in London, it has definitely planted some firm ideas for my trends into my mind. 

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