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I know I haven't updated my blog in the past few days but it has been really hectic.
Since Monday i have decided on my final concept for A/W 2013/14.
I have decided to call it Shattered Diffusion

I have created a moodboard that will help to represent the overal theme of the trend. By me doing this it allows a visual reference as to what the trend is going to be about as well as providing a written explanation which hopefully backs up with what is being said. From reflection into industry trend forecasts there is often a mood board created as well as a written explanation, proving that I am creating a professional package. By providing both aspects it also ensures that I am communicating my ideas fully to whoever may see or read it. I am pleased with the outcome of my mood board and feel that I have improved my Photoshop skills as well as communicating exactly what I want from the trend.

Cities provide robust structures and textures. As constant use erodes its exterior a fresher flesh is revealed.  The tarnished content may have a cold façade of adequate hardwearing layers. However, nothing ever lasts, too much light and use dissolves colours that once bright to dimmed shaded tints. Textures become distressed and either shed, disintegrate or become fractured.

As elements wear out or break, alternatives are found, new opportunities and diversity arises so there is no longer one set path. 

A/W 2013 will notice the hype of British events such as the Queens Golden Jubilee and the Olympics wear down to shed a more subdued mood.  Cultures may have come to the epicentre of Britain but now they have gone their own ways in a shattered glass effect. Dust is settling and memories are becoming blurred and vanishing. 

The bitterness has returned and irritation of the frost has heightened. Blacks, greys and tones of dirt emerge up from the undergrounds. Everything is starting to look up, the silhouetted bare trees, branch out and upwards to the stark blue sky in the hope of breaking free from the polluted air.  The recession has withdrawn, tensions are eased and relief has expanded. People seek for the warmth of the sunshine but instead resort to the central heating of the home. Their skin dries out creating a flaky cracked map of lines, soft pinks reveal the tenderness of the unexpected exposure. A/W 2013 will filter out the colour to provide a complex cobweb of muted directions. The outer may be clear but the core is still a little hazy. 

 This is the colour palette I want to work with for my images. I have chosen an off black as I think solid black can be very overpowering in photography. I want models with blue eyes to reflect the cool tones and mood of the trend. I want greys and bluey tones in the accessories and makeup. The skin will be kept very pale and porcelain looking and the lips a very soft pink.
By providing a colour palette to back up the trend it allows the consumer to understand what colours to wear and what works together for the trend. By providing the pantone numbers it also allows people within industry to reference and use the palette in their own designs. I have learnt how to create this during the IT sessions in University and I feel I have strongly benefitted from it as it allows the trend to have a professional looking finish. 

I want the trend to reflect the ruggidness of London City but also the lifecycle of creation. I feel this is will follow on well from S/S 2013 with the bold, choppy, matt and fixed beauty styles. My trend will continue to bring structure to the new season but also add a slight softness of feminity with pinks and references to nature. 

I believe that this trend package is an innovative idea and shows that my research has built it rather than me copying trend forecasts that have already been done. It was important for me to create a calendar for 2014 as I wanted to show that I am being innovative and showing responsibility in my independent learning.

In order for my trend to be reflected through hair and makeup I have created two further moodboards which show the colours, mood and style of makeup and hair. 
This is the mood board for my first look, January 2014. It is quite dark and grungy as January will be in the still in the middle of the season so the grungyness is at its height. I want the images to be full of attitude but also to air a confidence. The styling will include a subtle hint of colour but the main tones will be blacks and greys. I want the hair to reflect a dispursing branch like effect, so I plan to have their hair blowing in all different directions (with the help of a fan). I like the idea of the hair having a glow effect, so possibly using a light behind the model to silhouette the hair as it is blowing out. The makeup will definitely include the use of black. In some element I will need to show the idea of branching out and dispersion, this could be from a makeup running effect, blending out, pieces of short sharp shapes spacing further out etc.  I will need my model to have long hair and ideally pale skin to enhance the dark tones on the face. 

This is the mood board for my second look, February 2014. This look will follow on from the previous but also have an adaption. As it will be the last month in my A/W 2013 trend it will start to take influence from the next trend S/S 2014. I want the next trend to be a lot lighter and more feminine, therefore the February look is a lot less grungy looking and starting to introduce a bit more colour. I still want the diffusion and cracked element to be key to the look, however it will be less dark with less black. 
The mood of the February look will be a lot softer and elegant. I like the idea of showing more flesh as it shows feminity and a element of insecurity. The hair will be more styled for this look it will have a matt texture and brought together at the head and and loose towards the end.  The make up will have a less intense look but still using the same tones of greys and black but with the added colour of pink. 

Overall the theme can be represented as rock romantic. 

I feel that I have created a strong trend forecasts and moodboards that strongly reflect on what is being said. The mood boards have been carefully constructed on Photoshop and I am extremely pleased with the outcomes. I believe that the style and quality is strong enough to be used on a professional project. By creating these mood boards it shows a clearer reflection of what is wanted from the photoshoot compared to a face chart. The mood board also expresses mood and style of the image making it useful to show to the model and photographer when shooting. 

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