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So, although I am only starting my blog today I have already got stuck in to the project, it is mainly research but I have been keeping myself a diary (more like a scruffy sketchbook) so I can now inform you of what I have been doing. By me doing this I have found it easier to keep track and organise my thoughts as well as jot down ideas quickly when I am not on my computer. Although I will continue to do this I believe it is important for me to formally type up the journey of my fmp for others to see without them struggling to read my handwriting and also allow the presentation to look more professional.

So I started with searching for a photographer. I feel that if I approach the internet for help then it can be viewed by a wider audience. I also think it looks more professional and communication can be quicker and more professional as it is in writing.

Monday 16th January- I posted a notification on the Mycourse noticeboard for a photographer  who was willing to help me with photo shoots for the project. The notice consisted of:

Posted by Marie Hope on 16/01/2012 13:03:15 in the General category
Photographer Required !!
Hi there, I am a makeup artist in my final year of uni. I am currently planning my final major project. It will consist of 12 images all styled with a high fashion edge. All images would be given to you aswell, this could help you build up your own personal portfolio. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me for more information via email: .....

I also asked on Facebook to see whether anyone knew of a photographer that was willing to help me with my project. From this I got one response from someone saying they may know of someone in London who may be able to help, they told me they would get back to me.
I asked on the University portal as I thought this would be able to be viewed by a number of students. There are lots of photographers within the university, however I did not have a response from anyone. This could be that the photographers were not noticing the post or simply that they were not interested. I thought it would be a good idea to go through a networking website to ask for a photographer as they are all people I know and as it is a highly popular website that is viewed by most the notification can be viewed by any of my friends as it will come up on their news feed. There was a positive outcome to the Facebook status as I did have one response however the request was only broadcast to my friends and not to the rest of the internet.

Wednesday 18th January- As there was no response from the notice on the Mycourse portal, I decided to have another attempt at posting a similar request. I also asked again on Facebook just in case people had not read my status update last time. This time I did have more feedback from Facebook. One of my friends provided myself with a link to a person they knew who was a professional photographer : These are just some of his photographs of portrait work.
From realising he has worked with music celebrities it gave the impression he was a successful photographer who would be able to create whatever images I was after.
I emailed this person in the hope that they would be able to collaborate with me for the project. Although having a contact I also emailed all the people on my Facebook who I knew was studying Photography at University. From emailing friends I had one response informing me that they would be happy to collaborate as long as I was able to work with them for their FMP. This seemed like a fair offer so I accepted. The benefits to using Natasha Matthews is that she is a fashion photography student who studies at Solent University making it easier to meet up and discuss ideas.She also knows how to use the University's studios and was in the same situation as myself in that she needed help for her work. These are some of her images.

I like her work because everything is clean and simple. The lighting that she uses is very soft which then creates soft shadows, ideal for the images I would be interested in creating. I believe if I was able to source the models and create the looks I could get some high quality images that really show off the beauty of the make up and hair design.

Thursday 19th January- I realised that if I wanted to use 12 models for my project I needed to start sourcing them now. I want to use a different model for each month of the year. By achieving this I can create variation to my calendar and show my diversity of make up and hair skill. Previous to this project I had always sourced models through people I already knew. However, for this project I want a more professional feel to the images and use models who know how to act in front of the camera. This way I can also learn how to create and organise a photo shoot that would be similar to industry standard. Therefore I have decided I need to source models from ModelMayhem (a website which acts as a database for all models, photographers, editors, make up and hair stylists). On Thursday I created an account with ModelMayhem but as I went to upload images for my on-line portfolio I came across a small issue, the images were too large. This has delayed the process of finding models as I now have to come into the University (as I do not have the correct software on my personal laptop) to edit the images on Photoshop software before I can upload. 

Monday 23rd January- I have started to research into the current fashion and beauty trends by researching on-line on websites such as WGSN and through fashion magazines. WGSN has helped to provide a vast amount of information on trends and trend predictions. As this website can only be accessed on University grounds as there is a subscription to access, the day has been spent in the University library sourcing images and noting information of what has gone on for A/W 2011 so far and what is happening now. I have also worked on my Tumblr account by starting to post images of the trends from now up until when i create my trends. This is helping me to keep track of my research as well as organising it without having lots of paperwork. I have spent some time selecting an ideal layout for my Tumblr so the clean cut style which is what I want from my calendar can be portrayed through my Tumblr. I feel that the Tumblr can help me achieve communication through visual work of trends and this blog can communicate the written aspect of the journal. Both presented in a professional manner. 

Tuesday 24th January- I have started to upload more research to the Tumblr account adding short pieces of information to explain the trends.  By doing this it allows the viewer to get abetter understanding of what I am communicating on the Tumblr.  I have found a problem, that the information I am writing along with every image is not showing up in my layout. In order to read the information, the image needs to be clicked on. I am still debating whether to change the layout as key information on my research is not so easily viewable. The layout does however provide a clean sleek look to the Tumblr. 

When discussing my project to a friend we both realised that we we're carrying out trend forecasts for our fmp. We agreed that we needed to get out into the city and photograph what the going's on were as well as anything that inspired us. We have arranged to visit London the following week to go photo-snapping !

I have also emailed Natasha to arrange to meet up within the week to discuss our projects and whether it would be suitable to collaborate. By meeting up with her I believe we will be able to communicate and understand each others ideas better and help build a better report between each other ready for when we carry out the final photo shoots. Having good communication between myself and the photographer is key in order to get images that both are going to be happy with. This is something which should also be done when working in industry. 

I also decided to email the photographer that website was provided to me. I have informed him of the project and time plans etc.  

Wednesday 25th January- By the next morning I had received an email back from the Photographer Andy Watson informing me that he would be interested in working together and that he knew of models in the Southampton area that he could help to use for the shoots. This would be very useful as he is already aware of good, working models within industry. I emailed him back immediately with more details and asked about pricing and arrangements. I have also arranged to meet up with Natasha on the Friday to discuss our work.

I booked tickets for a coach to visit London for the following Thursday. I am pleased to have found someone else to go to London with as I feel a complete novice finding my way around London, luckily the girl I was to be travelling with had a much better idea. 

Friday 27th January- I have Worked in the library all day updating my Tumblr. I am at the stage of completing the A/W 2011 and moving onto S/S 2012. Overall, the hair trends for A/W were all different styles of pony tails and a modern 60's vibe with sharp partings and beehives. The beauty Trends for A/W also linked in with 60's feel of having spidery eyelashes and pale lips or there was the alternative of deep toned eye shadow on the eyes using rich golds or dark coal shades. 

The nail trends were patterned and created detail to the hands with sparkle and metallic layers. In regards to clothing A/W brought similar shades of clothing with rich warm tones in highly texturised items. Wools and furs were popular for the season and prints such as birds on dresses and skirts. The season reminisced on previous decades to provide a vintage vibe to the season.

I have met up with Natasha and showed her my research and proposal so she fully understands my project. We understand that our projects are very different from each others so we are unable to share ideas however we did agree that we are looking to source the same types of models so we are willing to share them with each other. We have also provided each other with our timetables so we know when the other is going to be available to work with. After the meeting I felt I had communicated my ideas well and felt a lot more relaxed about having to source people and generally more organised. This important meeting has made me realise that I need to communicate the project well in order for others to understand. I aim to organise meetings with photographers in the future. 

Saturday 28th January-  I have still not received an email back from the Andy the photographer, giving me the impression he is no longer interested. Luckily, I have found another photographer who I am happy to work with. I have continued to update my Tumblr with research into S/S 2012.

I am finding that documenting my thoughts and progress in this way is helpful in keeping me on track and ensuring that I am meeting the learning outcomes. 

Sunday 29th January- I have worked within the library so that I could edit my images using Photoshop so that I wanted to upload to ModelMayhem. These are some of the images that I initially put up. They are suitable but in the future I would like to upload more and improved images as I believe they do not portray my full make up and hair design skills. This then limits my potential to showcase my skills to models who may be interested in working with myself.
After uploading I have submitted my account to be reviewed by ModelMayhem in order for it to be activated. I have continued to work on my Tumblr account. 

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