Trend one...

I forgot to mention earlier on... I have had a change in ideas, instead of me carrying out five trend forecasts I am going to change the plan and create three. I am not too sure why I didn't think this originally. The first A/W 2013/14. It will cover the months January and February in my calendar year. The next, S/S 2014. This will cover the majority of the year as it covers months March to August. The last, A/W 2014/15. This will cover the rest of the year, months September to December.

By me creating the calendar this way it is in keeping with the fashion year and relates to the fashion and beauty industry. It will also allow consumers to keep on trend for the correct seasons. It will also make the calendar relevant to continue being produced if successful, proving room for an ongoing project.

My first trend forecast (A/W 13/14)  will follow on from the previous season. It will also relate to previous A/W by examining colours, beauty trends and  overall themes.

I have already studied previous seasons, (as can be seen on my Tumblr) so I am now ready to create my A/W 13 trend forecast!

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