Inspiration bank for Shattered Diffusion

I know I have fallen behind with keeping this blog up to date already but I can assure you that I have been working solidly on documenting my time.

Since deciding on my theme I collected lots of imagery that I thought would help represent the Shattered Diffusion theme. I intend to take some of these images with me to the day of the shoot so I can show my photographer and model so I can communicate visually what I am wanting from the images. This is something which I believe is important and would be used in professional shoots. It is important to communicate what is wanted otherwise the images could turn out very differently. 

These are a few of the images I think are relevant to the Shattered Diffusion trend:

I like this image because all though it is dark with lots of black there is an element of delicate and feminine with the porcelain skin and the sheer delicate blowing of material across the face. I like the idea of the hair blowing away like the winter breeze or underground wind. The image is strong by her positioning and pose. I do want the image to be closer up than this though so the clothing is irrelevant. 

I like the way the face fills the image so there is no background allowing the image to be striking and the focus of the image to be on the make up. I also like the dark make up. The lips are perfectly painted in a dark shade but not black, allowing the image to not take on a gothic look. I also like the shadows of the eyelashes being cast down onto the skin. It helps represent the shattered diffusion effect. 

This image, although a similar make up is a lot more severe. The lighting is harsher and the models pose appears to be more authoritive and in control. I like do not like the lighting I believe it would be too harsh for my looks as I still want to bring in the softer romantic element. I do like the lash shadows and natural brow. 

  For this image, what interested me was the attitude. The model looks angry and the way her nails are digging into the face and the way the lips are parted to bare the teeth. I love the white space of the image, it makes the image seem very clean cut and not overly busy. I want my images to have a very simplistic look. The colours of the eyes are not relevant to my trend but I do like every other element to the make up. 

The smudged eye and crumbling mascara relates to my trend in that everything is worn and not perfect. I would like to bring this into my design in one way or another, whether this is on the face or not I am unsure. I  want to use both neat and smudged elements into the make up for these to looks. 

The only element to this image which caught my eye was the blusher. As my images are going to be quite plain and dark I want to bring one element of colour into the make up, I had never thought about doing a blusher in this way. I like the strong line but then the way it blends and fades out into the face. 

This paper stuck to the face really reflects the broken and shattered element to my trend. I do not like how colourful the paper is but I do believe this would work well for my looks. I think applying it around the eye has already been done and therefore needs to be put somewhere else on the face. 

I found a photographer's work who I really like and has created some images with makeup and hair designs which relate to my ideas. His name is Iain Crawford and he is a beauty and fashion photographer. These are some of his images which relate to what I would like to create. 
I have chosen this image because it clearly shows the hair branching out in different directions. The white background clearly highlights the quite dark  model. 

This is another image of Iain Crawford's, it has a very similar theme to the previous. The idea of using a backlight to highlight the hair is an idea that I would like to use. 

Again, another similar style image.

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