More inspiring images for trend 1

I am continuing on from my previous post where I was starting to look into Cosmos's. I now continue to evolve this by looking at oil on water. These are some images which I thought would help build research and inspiration for my trend.

I like the way the colours bleed into each other and the way there are no set boundaries everything moves freely, swaying as the colours decide on a direction to flow.

This is an image of lava bubbling away and breaking through its exterior. The texture of the lava interests me, the way the deep bright colour bursts through the dark crusted layer to reveal its depth. This led me to look into layers of all different elements. 

I like the idea of the old flaking away to reveal the new underneath or even something trying to bubble or escape from its casing like these examples of rust. The colours are also captivating the way the brown creeps in and takes over from other colours. In this last image of the rust shedding the outer layers of paint, I  
appreciate the cracked shards lifting at the edges. From here I went to look into other elements that has a broken appearance. 

I love the idea of something being broken but not simply snapped but shattered into many pieces creating a mosaic of  pieces all different in shape and size. It is all unpredictable, breaking the mould (literally), the pattern is no pattern. There is always an epicentre to the breakage, a point where the shattering is so small and then it branches out to break free, reaching further and further. 

This shattered theory reaches out into nature where spider webs are grasping onto an edge and then work its way to a small point in the centre, like a dart board. Along the way the spider creates a ladder alternating in directions depending on its pathway. No spider web is the same, its unique to the spider acting like its fingerprint, its identity. 

This theory links in with the underground tubes in London. This is a map of them branching out to all parts of London. The middle, the most complicated and intricate, is the centre of the city, and as the tubes venture further out the lines become more distanced and spread out. The lines are all different in shape and direction creating a complicated spaghetti like structure. 

The stark, bare branches relate to this theory of shattering or spreading out. The branches are reaching up to the sunlight, fighting to reach further than its competition in order to get the highest and nearest to the sunlight.  The winter has stripped these trees to reveal its skeleton, the bare structure of the tree. Again no tree is the same, it has its own identity, growing in its own way. Growing up and out, this way, branching off that way, filtering to the tips where it cannot reach no further. The way these trees sihouette against the plain white sky highlights the biggest branches right to the smallest twigs, like veins through the human body. 

Not only does the overall structure of the tree bring an interesting pattern but the tree bark. It also has a shattering effect where it splits and reveals its new inner layer. The outer, cracking randomly as the bark is stretched so that it can hold no longer. It provides a river bed for water to run down the tree base. Deep textures, layers shedding and unpredictable patterns are the key to my own trend. 

It can be filtered down to beauty in many ways, one that has already been created and is popular at the moment is the crackle effect on nails. 


In relation to colour I want the trend to reflect typical London, so the main tones will be blacks charcoals and deep browns but there will also be warmth within the trend, of rich reds and burnt orange cinnamon shades like rust on a old piece of metal. There will be sparadic pops of colour to represent the unpredictability of the trend. Cool blues, frosted pinks and washed out purples which reflect the winter sky bleed into the darkness revealing a multitude of layers. 

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