Inspiration I stumbled across (trend 1)

Whilst looking for a colour theme for my trend I came across some images of artwork that I liked and helped me to inspire an overall theme for my trend. The first was
John Martin's 'The Great Day of his Wrath'

What first drew me to this image was the colours, the dark dullness with a bleeding warm colour of burnt orange and cinnamon running out into the image. The image presents a stressful angry mood for me by the ruggedness and harsh lines. Everything is caving in and creating the impression of being trapped. The image reminds me of the London underground. The colours are dirt and dark, the trapped feeling of the tunnels and tubes match the feeling in the picture and you have to go up in order to see the light. It looks like the rocks are crumbling and caving in, representing, destruction, wearing away and worn. This is something I noticed within London, things are tarnished, eroded and the newness has gone. This is something that I want to work on for my first trend.

This leads me onto my second image

William Daniels 'The Great Day of his Wrath (light) 2005'
This is supposed to be a modern day version of  'The Great Day of his Wrath'. It shows the harshness of the image but with a different material, paper. The crumpled up paper adds more dimensions and texture to the image and the torn edges show the unpredictability of a piece of art. I also think it is a good representation of throw away society. If something is not good enough then it is screwed up and thrown to one side with all the other scraps of paper.  
Sir Muirnead Bone's 'Torpedoed Oil Tanker'
I happened to stumble across this image whilst looking for images with a 'destructive' theme. I think it also captures the ruggedness and brokenness of the the theme just in a different light compared to the previous. This image is much more industrial with the sharp shards of metal crippled into a new bent up form. The worn out colours are in keeping with the times of the WWII, the period in which this painting was set. When first glancing at the image I thought it was a train, a link back to London. 

John Piper 'Seaton Delaval'
I like the scribble style texture to this image. It looks as if the paper has been reused (linking to my modern paper image above ^). The unpredictable lines remind me of the shattered glass that I captured whilst in London. The idea of using these lines within my trend is appealing. I also like the splashes of colour that look like they have been spilt onto the canvas. Although the overall image is subdued and dismal the pops of colour lift the image and make it more captivating. The image looks like it has been built up with layers on top of each other, almost as if when one fades something new is plastered on top but is not quite able to conceal the old completely. This idea reminds me of the street art that i put in my previous post, where art is painted ontop of one another. 

 David Alfaro Siqueiros 'Cosmos and Disaster'
The idea of destruction an broken society appealed and when i saw this image i thought it captured the idea well.  The darkness of the image creates real depth to the image and the different patterns and textures create the layered effect. I like the unpredictability to the image as well as the spirts of dull colour.  This then lead me on to looking at different cosmos pictures. Here are some that I really liked.


I love the way the colours flow into another colour but all are against a dark background and the colours appear iridescent. It reminds me of bubbles and oil sitting on water to show how the colours and different soluble repel each other, creating unpredictable abstract patterns.

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